2019 Training Dates

This is the first pass at 2019 class dates up to August. This covers HEAT 1, HEAT 2, CQBC, FOF and special events / classes.

This schedule does not yet include HEAT 0.5, DCH and LRMS, which will be posted as soon as those dates are nailed down.

How to find / book Classes:

  1. View the Training Calendar and click on any class dates you want detail on.


2. View the specific class from the Training Class Page and look top right of the class page for links to available dates.


TEXAS: February 17 – 22. This is booked and full at this time.

GEORGIA: March 2 – 3: Defensive Concealed Handgun. Private Class. Any open enrollment aspect will be on the MVT Forum.

HEAT 1: April 4 – 7.

HEAT 2: April 25 – 28. Possibly the only HEAT 2 for 2019.

CQBC: May 3 – 5.

IDAHO Private HEAT 1 May 28 – June 2.

HEAT 3:June 21 – 23: This will be a full immersion force on force event (AirSim) where Max will lead a  patrol into the field utilizing an expanded VTC training area. This is based on ideas generated at the CLC, but the patrol will be led by Max and we will move out into the field and conduct operations against a dedicated OPFOR (force on Force). Patrol movement, patrol base, recce, ambush, raid etc. HEAT 1 & 2 Prereqs.

TMACS TAPS Pistol. July 13 -15. Guest instructor Pat McNamara. I believe the class is fully booked on his website.

Force on Force: “Hunting Haqqani.’ July 20 – 21: This is new take on Force on Force with AirSim weapons. We will run a dedicated opposition force with a theme of ‘Hunting Haqqani.’ This will be scenario based with OPFOR dressed and acting accordingly.

CQBC: Possibly another one in August, not scheduled yet.

The schedule is currently planned till August. Beyond that we have:

IDAHO Private 6 Day September 23 – 28. Booked. As per the notes above about private fly-in classes.

Combat Leader Course will be scheduled for October 2019. It will start to get nailed down as we move towards the spring. That will be the third iteration of this annual class and it cannot be recommended highly enough. Cost will reduced for 2019 because we will be running AirSim. I encourage you to invest in your own AirSim training rifle as per the MVT Store HERE.

There is now a significant change to making MVT classes happen, which puts more of the control on students. Read below:

Mobile Classes: We currently offer mobile classes (truck or fly-in) anywhere in the United States (where firearms / training is legal) for a flat daily rate of $2500 all up. That is a heck of a deal when you yourself do not have to travel. See HERE for mobile class information.

VTC Classes: We are now offering a solution to questions over demand / scheduling for open enrollment classes at the VTC:  we will offer privately organized classes. Students / Organizers should approach MVT with a sufficient number of people interested, and we will schedule a class when dates are agreed. This can be either a ‘mobile class’ at the VTC for the flat rate private class, or run as an open enrollment with standard class fees once dates and a minimum number of interested students are identified.

Bottom line this gives students the ability to ask for classes when you want them.

Class Functional Fitness Prerequisites: The current prerequisites have been modified to a functional fitness test designed to ensure safety and a basic level of tactical fitness for performance on the tactical ranges. The new format has been posted on  the MVT FORUM and once we have produced a video it will be fully posted on the website. The prereq will apply to all classes that move off the flat range, i.e. it will not apply to LRMS, DCH and HEAT 0.5. More to follow.