Tactical Classes

Classes specialized in the teaching of combat proven, adapted, legitimate light infantry tactics, techniques and procedures.

H.E.A.T. 2 Combat Patrol

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Compilation of Observations on Gear / Classes by Scott (‘First Sergeant’).

Range Safety for Classes


Ammo requirement: 800 rounds.

Hostile Environment Advanced Tactics 2 (HEAT 2) is a four day class which moves beyond the HEAT 1 class, covering essential tactics, techniques and procedures (T.T.P.s) to allow you to detect, assess and reduce hostile threats in an unconventional kinetic environment. It will give you the knowledge and training that you will need to not only defend your home base, but also to know what techniques hostile forces may use against you. Topics include:

  • Patrol Techniques.
  • Gear: carriage and use.
  • Reconnaissance.
  • Ambush.
  • Raid.
  • Ground Domination Activity (GDA) / Security Patrolling.

It is a requirement to have attended Hostile Environment Advanced Tactics 1 (HEAT 1) prior to HEAT 2. This class will involve tactical movement, actions on contact including break contact drills, ambush, raid and reconnaissance patrols. This is a live fire class.

Classes are open to prior HEAT 1 students only. Priced at $1,200 per person for the four days.

Combat Patrol Outline Curriculum (4 Day):

Class outline (subject to rearrangement):

Day 1 “Basics”:

  • Patrol Theory: Principles and mechanics of planning and organizing a patrol.
  • Patrol Movement / Security.
  • Live Fire Revision from CTT:
    • Assault Drills.
    • Team Break Contact Drills.

Day 2 “Reconnaissance”:

  • Gear: ruck / patrol pack theory, equipment and packing.
  • Patrol Movement / Security
  • Reconnaissance Patrol: Close Target Recce.
  • “Actions On”.
  • PM: Live Fire: This follows on as a progression from the drills learned on CTT:
    • Overwatch & multiple team break contact drills.
    • The MVT Box Peel – L-Shaped ambush / multiple firing point technique
  • Night: Practical Reconnaissance Patrol Exercise.

Day 3 “Ambush”:

  • AM: Ambush theory & Rehearsals
  • AM: Live Fire Ambush Patrol
  • PM: Live Fire Ambush Patrol

Day 4 “Attack Day”:

  • Hasty Attack – live fire.
  • Raid (Deliberate Attack) – live fire.
  • Class AAR

Additional Information

Accommodation: The second night of the class (night of day 2) will include a day / night reconnaissance patrol, complete by midnight. You are able to stay on site, or in local hotels, for each night of the class – your choice.

Gear: The standard HEAT 1 suggested equipment list remains in place for HEAT 2. In addition, you will be expected to bring and carry a lite patrol pack in addition to your load bearing equipment (i.e. battle belt/chest rig/plates).

For winter classes, Make sure you bring cold weather and rain gear, a full change of your tactical training clothing, spare socks, hat, gloves, headover etc. Not all of this gear needs to be carried all of the time, but it should be available. Conditions dependent.

A headlamp is invaluable for non-tactical phases, with a red or green filter. Bring a small tactical flashlight (red or green capable). For tactical operations at night you will not be using visible light.

Ammunition: 1,200 – 1,500 rounds approx. More is always useful.

Technology: If you have NVGs and FLIR, bring it. We will work with what you have.

Safety: Bring a whistle on a lanyard and a chemical light stick. This will form part of your safety equipment for the night recce patrol. Pen flares and a compass/map will be loaned.

Wrist Watch: analogue watch with luminous dial/hands is preferred.

Note: Due to pre-deployment training for Special Military Units being conducted at the VTC, we reserve the right to cancel or reschedule classes at the VTC with 30 days notice.