Max Velocity Tactical (MVT) offers 2 Day H.E.A.T FOF (Hostile Environment Advanced Tactics - Force on Force) training events. These are immersive scenario based training events utilizing AirSim professional training weapons. The H.E.A.T. FOF classes involve the practical application of team based combat tactics in controlled training scenarios.

Force on Force events are an excellent training opportunity as part of the MVT training progression - these events fill a vital role in developing your tactical effectiveness, with a focus on teamwork, leadership, and team communication along with effective tactical application. 

These events are also an excellent way to introduce people to tactical training. The events incorporate a learning element as well as the team tactical competition. New students will get 'on the job' training at the event, by both experienced alumni and MVT cadre. 

Note: There are no MVT class prerequisites for attendance at FOF; students should be at an appropriate training level where they can manipulate and operate their weapon, allowing them to focus on the Force on Force training. Such initial training may be gained elsewhere. Examples of appropriate MVT classes providing this instruction are are: HEAT 0.5 & HEAT 1.

The MVT Fitness Asssessment is NOT Required. 

The H.E.A.T. FOF events are woodland based, utilizing the training range of the AirSim Professional Training Rifles, and incorporating the CQB buildings / structures into the training environment.


  • Training Prerequisite: None.
  • 2 days of scenario based tactical application of team skills.
  • Immersive scenario training.
  • No live ammo purchase required.
  • Requires bringing or renting an approved AirSim GBB professional training rifle. 
  • Cadre will accompany teams to act as umpires / safety / debrief.
  • Leaders will be nominated / rotated per mission.
  • Individuals will be formed into teams, pre-organized teams are welcome.
  • This is an opportunity for either individuals or formed groups to test the application of their tactical training.

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2 day Class Cost:

  • TUITION: $400

  • AirSim Rental (optional): Rifle, Gas, BB's): $100


Note: Due to pre-deployment training for Special Military Units being conducted at the VTC, we reserve the right to cancel or reschedule classes at the VTC with 30 days notice.