Tactical Training for all levels of individual and team experience.

Individual and Team Live Fire and Force on Force Tactical Training

Max Velocity Tactical (MVT) has established a reputation on the leading edge of tactical live fire and force on force training. At MVT we are dedicated to developing and training tactical excellence at the individual and team level.

Max Velocity Tactical classes utilize professional quality combat marksmanship, tactical and leadership training, in order to develop situational awareness, teamwork, leadership, decision making and communication.

How to train with Max Velocity Tactical

To review our curriculum, go to the Tactical Classes Page.

Training opportunities will be posted in the MVT Training Club on the MVT Forum:


Join the FORUM and improve your tactical knowledge. Essential pre-training reading is here:

Compilation of Observations on Gear / Classes by Scott (‘First Sergeant’).

Range Safety for Classes

HEAT 1 Combat Tactics is our entry level live fire class and is a great refresher class which many students attend over and over.

Other classes may have training pre-requisites, listed on each individual class page.

Student Class Reviews

Guides and Extra Reading

Training Opportunities With Max Velocity Tactical

MVT offers a schedule of open enrollment classes. Training opportunities will be posted in the MVT Student Training Club on the MVT Forum:


MVT will run any class for a private group, at the Velocity Training Center, for a standard daily rate. Email:

Training Classes

MVT offers unique and unsurpassed corporate events, utilizing AirSim training rifles for structured force on force training. Email:

Training Classes

MVT will run standard or tailored classes at any location in the US for a standard daily rate. For mobile class booking information, see THIS LINK.

Training Classes

MVT has historically hosted SOF units at the Velocity Training Center, for a standard affordable daily rate. Take advantage of tailored training classes, or simply utilize the excellent facility to achieve your team training objectives. Email:

Training Calendar

Lights. Camera.ACTION.

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Join Our Forum and Learn How To Train With Max Velocity Tactical

There are many ways to get involved, but joining our Forum is the best way to start your journey. There are many helpful resources and people to help guide you.

Make an account and read through our helpful guides to figure out how to go from our beginner classes to our night time team tactical training. We welcome and encourage everyone. Whether you’re looking to learn how to defend yourself with a pistol or you want to defend your household, we have classes for you!

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