Texas Classes

Texas Alumni Live Fire

In 2025, MVT plans to run two alumni training packages:

  • 7 day training package Sunday 16 February – Saturday 22 February 2025.
  • 7 day training package Sunday 23 February – Saturday 1 March 2025.

There will be 2 nights of optional night training included in this package, at an additional cost. These nights will not go beyond 2300hrs in order to be rested for the next day. You will need all the equipment as per the Night Operations class to attend this training.

You need to be an MVT Live Fire Alumni to attend this class. Keep an eye out for HEAT 1 classes which will qualify you for the Texas class.

This is a hybrid advanced class that does not conform specifically to the MVT standard training curriculum. This general class theme and curriculum was a huge success for the alumni taking part. This will be the eleventh year for these Texas classes. This class should be viewed as an annual training event where students travel from as far away as Colorado, Connecticut, Virginia, Kentucky etc.

There is a limit of 16 spaces for each class.

Excerpts from a Student Review (Link here):

“Max’s MVT Alumni live fire course in Texas, is a comprehensive and transformative training experience for civilians seeking to learn the art of light infantry fire and maneuver.
Max’s course offers a realistic and practical approach to infantry tactics. The course covers a range of topics, including intelligent curriculum progression, teamwork and camaraderie, unique training opportunities, an exacting attention to safety, and physically challenging scenarios in the daylight and under cover of darkness.
Starting with foundational concepts and gradually advancing to more complex techniques, participants develop a deep understanding of the tactics being taught. Working as a team students learn to trust, communicate and rely on each other, essential skills for effective tactical operations. The unique five-thousand acre location in Texas, provides opportunities for training scenarios not possible on a sterile flat range, adding a layer of realism to the training.
Safety is a top priority in Max’s course, with detailed protocols and control measures in place to ensure the well-being of all students. It is a far safer environment than your typical shooting range frequented by the casual gun owner.
The physical nature of the course is demanding but extremely rewarding, pushing participants to their limits and testing their physical fitness and tactical skills. This was refreshing to see as too often it’s neglected in civilian tactical training. Gunfighting is a martial art. Can you imagine boxing without physical conditioning?
In sum, this course is not for those looking to collect certificates from their favorite operator turned youtuber; it is an initiation into a tradition of martial excellence that demands of its adherents a full commitment to the art of war taught by a terrifyingly competent professional. There are only a handful of such instructors teaching this material in the country today.
For me, taking this course was a reminder that the warrior’s path is one of constant learning, of camaraderie forged in the crucible of shared hardship, and of a readiness to confront the realities of conflict with both skill and courage. To participate in this course is to engage with the very essence of what it means to be a light infantryman.
The opportunity to participate in such a course gets at the very heart and spirit of the second amendment.”

Classes take place on a large private ranch close to Brady, Texas. The ranch offers excellent training land. There is a comfortable hunting lodge at the ranch which is the main accommodation option of choice. This will be the ninth year in a row that we have run classes at this ranch. It is an excellent training venue.


The specific training program is subject to change / evolution. The package laid out below is subject to change.


Full day (8 hour) Tactical Combat Care training class. Skills learned on this class will be incorporated into the training scenarios later in the week.


Team Assault Drills.

Cover Shoot immediate action drill.

Night Training 1:

Jungle Walk / Team Assault Drills.


Break Contact Drill.

Squad Fighting Position Attack.


Squad Raid.

Satellite Patrolling / Sequenced  Squad Attack.


Ambush day + scenarios / medical (TC3).

Night Training 2:

Night Ambush / Night Raid.


Live Fire Squad Drills.

Integrated Medical (TC3).


Mobility / live fire squad drills.


Plan on 3000 rounds. No penetrating type ammunition / M855 type ammunition (steel targets are used in some cases). No tracer or other random ammunition types.


Who can Attend?

The classes are for MVT Live Fire Alumni. 

Class Price:

7 Day Package Tuition: $1,450.

Night Training: $600 (both nights).

$600 deposit will secure your place on the class. The remaining $850 is due 90 days ahead of the class date (1 December 2024). In case of late booking (closer than 90 days from class start) the full $1,450 is due. 

Night Training fees will be collected at site. 

Booking Procedures: this is a non-standard class and there are no event tickets to purchase. You must email max@maxvelocitytactical.com to check space availability.

There is a $75 per night cost to cover lodging in the Hunting Lodge and range fee. These fees are paid to the ranch on site, not to MVT.


Accommodation is in a Hunting Lodge on a 5000 acre ranch. Bedrooms will accommodate 2 to 4 people. with several ensuite showers and bathrooms. Bedding is provided. 

A full kitchen is available. Walmart in town is a 30 minute drive. The class will organize a rotation for providing coffee and breakfast (eggs) each morning. An important  part of the class is the camaraderie of staying in the lodge for the duration. 

We return to the lodge for lunch each day. Evenings we will mostly eat out in Brady. Some nights (i.e. night training) we ask for volunteers to cook an evening meal. 

  • Sunday night: most restaurants downtown are closed. 
  • Monday: night training.
  • Thursday: night training. 


  • Body Armor: minimum Level III+ Special Threat or Level IV hard ballistic plates, front and back.
  • Ballistic Helmet (not bump) with attachment for night vision device.
  • Quality hands free night vision device that will not fail on you, i.e. PVS-14, head mounted.
  • Infrared aiming laser (DBAL / Otal type or similar), mounted on the weapon with a momentary on / off switch.
  • Electronic Ear protection.
  • Clear eye protection.
  • IR strobe. This is for safety. A recommended strobe is the HELSTAR-6. This will not be too bright.