Tactical Classes

Classes specialized in the teaching of compact proven, adapted, legitimate light infantry tactics, techniques and procedures.

Training Locations

We offer a variety of training locations.

The Velocity Training Center (VTC) is our primary, purpose built and developed training facility, and is located close to Romney, West Virignia. We have a regular schedule of classes at the VTC.

We also offer a number of mobile training classes, taking place in different locations across the country.

Velocity Training Center (VTC), Romney, West Virginia. Primary Training Facility.

Mobile Training Classes - countrywide - as available.

Mobile Classes

Velocity Training Center (VTC), Romney, West Virginia

This is the primary facility. Max Velocity Tactical has 400 acres of training land, with 100 acres dedicated to purpose built tactical live fire ranges. The Velocity Training Center (VTC) is located in the Appalachian Mountains, close to Romney, WV, 40 miles west of Winchester, VA (conveniently 2 hours west of Washington, D.C.). Those attending classes will get location / driving instructions and joining instructions. VTC has excellent terrain for tactical drills and movement and offers natural live firing areas as tactical ranges. The live firing areas have been enhanced with the addition of electronic ‘pop-up’ targets for greater tactical realism. There are also purpose built square ranges and UTM force on force facilities.

The full array of MVT classes is held at this location.


Remote / Mobile Classes – Your Location

MVT runs open enrollment classes across the country. See theMobile Training Page for more information.

We are available for group / private bookings or to host an open enrollment class at your suitable location.

For class bookings and general MVT Inquiries: maxvelocitytactical@gmail.com or contact us.


Note: Due to pre-deployment training for Special Military units being conducted at the VTC, we reserve the right to cancel or reschedule classes ar the VTC with 30 days notice.