Mobile & Private Training

Open Enrollment Mobile Classes

MVT is available for private group training, outside of the scheduled open enrollment classes.

 Please note the following: 

1) Training is available at the VTC near Romney in West Virginia. The advantage here are the purpose built ranges and facilities. Because the ranges are set up, we can deliver optimum training to you at site. This is with the exception of mobility (vehicle operations) training, which is best run at more suitable locations.

2) We also offer remote / mobile training. We will travel to you and run training on suitable land. This can be either a private class, or a hosted open enrollment. We will bring the electronic pop-up targets (we have ballistic shields for them) and they do not require digging in. For the best training experience, contact to discuss suitable training land. Remote classes have been run so far in Texas, Idaho, Georgia and Missouri.

3) We offer the standard MVT training class progression, or combination of classes.

4) We can combine dismounted and vehicle training, bearing in mind that the basics have to be covered as per the crawl – walk – run progression methodology.

MVT will bring the Ivan electronic pop-up target systems to remote training, using specially designed AR500 target shields to allow them to be placed without the digging of target pits: