HEAT Reconnaissance

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Compilation of Observations on Gear / Classes by Scott (‘First Sergeant’).

Range Safety for Classes

HEAT Reconnaissance is a four-day class focusing in detail on the planning and conduct of the reconnaissance patrol. This class is heavily influenced by the LRS background of the Chief Instructor, Scott.

During HEAT 2 Combat Patrol, an introduction was given to the reconnaissance patrol / close target recce on day two, recce day. This included a day / night CTR patrol. The reconnaissance class takes this a step further with detailed reconnaissance training over four days.

This is a Force on Force class (no live fire) and there is no training prerequisite. Patrols will face the real possibility of enemy contact and subsequent IA drills.

A class outline is as follows:

  • Reconnaissance Patrol Theory.
  • Gear selection and setup.
  • Hand / arm signals.
  • Fieldcraft / camouflage & concealment.
  • Patrol Formations.
  • Immediate Action (IA) Drills.
  • Fieldcraft lane.
  • Multiple Patrols.
  • Observations Posts.
  • Surveillance methods and techniques.

Class size: Max 8 Students.

Price: $1,200

OPFOR volunteers are required (Saturday / Sunday).

AirSim: bring your own rifle, or rent rifle, mags, gas and BBs for $100.

Gear List

This list complements to your usual tactical training and load carrying equipment, which can be found linked from the HEAT 1 Page HERE.

Note that this is an AirSim class (force on force). You will be issued an LM4 AirSim rifle, magazines plus green gas / BB’s. More information on AirSim and personal protection can be found HERE. It is optional, but beneficial to your overall training development, to invest in a PTS MEGA ARMS AR15 Gas Blow Back Rifle, which is yours and can clone your live fire rifle.

  • Capability of carrying at least 12 magazines – not all in your immediate load carrying equipment, some will be in your assault pack.
  • Camouflage Uniform: Pants and Shirt (Recommend no combat shirts. You will find out that those are not the best option for this class.)
  • Wet Weather Gear (NO PONCHOS).
  • Appropriate cold weather gear for the time of year.
  • Binoculars.
  • Spotting Scope (Optional).
  • Medium size assault pack.
  • Ability to carry water (Camel Back bladder, nalgene bottles etc.)
  • Protective gear for Airsim (Eye Pro, mask or balaclava to protect face).
  • Gloves.
  • Boonie Cap.
  • Folding Saw.
  • Small Pruning Shears.
  • Lensatic or Silva-type Compass.
  • Wrist Compass (Optional).
  • GPS (Optional): Need to have the capability to identify grid coordinates.
  • E-tool.
  • 550 Cord.
  • 100 MPH Tape or electrical tape (NO BRIGHT COLORS).
  • No body armor or plate carriers.
  • No helmets.
  • No complete ghillie suits. At most some type of scrim or head net only to be worn during reconnaissance, not during movement.
  • Notebook and pen for missions (The best are the Rite in the Rain notebooks).
  • Note taking material for lecture portion of the class.
  • Two meals will be eaten while on patrol. It needs to be some type of MRE or Mountain House.
  • Lunch, snacks, water and drinks like a normal class.