Training Classes

Tactical classes available to the public.

Max Velocity Tactical classes specialize in the teaching of combat proven, adapted, legitimate light infantry tactics, techniques and procedures. Training is informed by a background and experience in SOF / elite forces, and additionally by close protection / paramilitary contracting work. These classes are the real deal, and the tactics, techniques and procedures are familiar to any graduate of Ranger School or SFQC. Tactical classes are not simply a regurgitation of basic military manuals or training, but are adapted to the students whether civilian, military, or contractor, based on real world operational experience in hostile / combat environments.


Classes Offered

Tactical Class Physical Prerequisites

Due to the nature of the training, in real combat tactics, a basic level of physical fitness is required for all tactical classes that move off the square range. You need to have a basic level of physical fitness and agility, as well as be mentally alert. See HERE for more detail.



As part of the information packet sent to you once you make the deposit to secure your place, there is a list of local hotels/motels and campsites. The KoolWink motel in Romney is affordable and popular with students.


We offer camping on-site. It is basic backwoods camping with no electric. The campsite is next to the main parking area. There is a porta-potty, fire pit, charcoal grill, solar shower stall and some picnic tables. Co-located at the campsite is the team cabin, a 36' x 16' utility building which offers electric, HVAC, refrigeration and a weather protected classroom / operations area.