Upcoming Class Status

The following is the Status with upcoming classes:

HEAT 1 June 20-22: Full

HEAT 3 Squad Tactics (Force on Force): Available. Info / Book HERE.

Description: HEAT 3 FoF Combat Leader is a micro version of the full Combat Leader Course, minus full mission briefs. Students will form a squad with nominated squad and team leaders and execute short notice missions. Example missions include raid and hasty attack. There are several student positions available as dedicated OPFOR, who will be dressed and equipped accordingly.

HEAT 1 August 8-11: Full

HEAT 2 August 22-25: Available. Info Page Here / Book Here.

Description: HEAT 2 is a four day class which moves beyond the HEAT 1 class, covering essential tactics, techniques and procedures (T.T.P.s) to allow you to detect, assess and reduce hostile threats in an unconventional kinetic environment.  It will give you the knowledge and training that you will need to not only defend your home base, but also to know what techniques hostile forces may use against you. Topics include:

  • Patrol Techniques.
  • Gear: carriage and use.
  • Reconnaissance.
  • Ambush.
  • Raid.
  • Ground Domination Activity (GDA) / Security Patrolling.

It is a requirement to have attended Hostile Environment Advanced Tactics 1 (HEAT 1) prior to HEAT 2. This class will involve tactical movement, actions on contact including break contact drills, ambush, raid and reconnaissance patrols. This is a live fire class.

HEAT 0.5 September 7-8: Available. Info Page Here / Book Here.

Description: HEAT 0.5 is a two day flat range class for all skill levels, from beginner to advanced shooter. It will teach you to safely and competently operate your rifle. This class takes the student from basics, to practical combat applications that will put both rifle and shooter through their paces. MVT specializes in the teaching of proven, adapted, legitimate combat tactics, techniques and procedures; as such, this class is designed as part of the progression to Combat Team Tactics. This class is primarily focused on increasing individual weapon handling / shooting skills and competence. This class mirrors the first two days of the HEAT 1 class, and as such can be taken to allow HEAT 0.5 / HEAT 1 to be completed on weekends as two separate two day classes.

CQBC September 13-15: Available. Info Page Here / Book Here.

Description: The Close Quarter Battle Course (CQBC) is a ground breaking course in the realm of CQB taught to civilians. In any high threat situation you are likely to encounter structures that will require a tactical solution, and thus you need to understand how to deal with structure entry and clearance. Whether operating alone, with a partner, or with a tactical team, you need this class. The MVT CQBC is a full spectrum training program over 3 days, designed to take the student from the basic fundamentals through advanced structure entry and clearance  techniques that are taught, trained and utilized by elite military units. Situational training exercises immerse the student into real world scenarios that provide essential feedback through the use of AirSim Professional Training Rifles, while keeping each and every student in a safe and controlled environment.

Georgia DCH September 14-15: Available. Info Page Here / Book Here.

Description: This is a two day concealed handgun class aimed at defense against active shooter scenarios. This class will start at the basics of carry and safe operation of the concealed handgun, and progress to self-defense scenarios. This class is held at the JRH Enterprises Training Facility near Alma, GA.

Combat Leader Course October 6-13: Available. Info Page Here / Book Here.

A truly excellent ground-breaking training class. This is a combat leader course designed to teach you leadership, decision making, and the planning and the execution of missions at the team and squad level, via immersion in a simulated combat environment. There are no training prerequisites for those coming from alternative tactical training backgrounds. This is not a live fire class, and runs utilizing AirSim Professional Training Rifles. This class is currently an annual event.

HEAT Night Operations November 15-17: Full.