Defensive Concealed Handgun (DCH) Review, 26-27 Oct 2019 by Todd

I grew up in NE Minnesota shooting a .22 at 7-yrs old. Started bird hunting and deer hunting at a very young age. I joined the USAF (delayed enlistment) as a senior in HS, and wanted to be an SP (cop).  I took the ASVAB and found out I did well in Electronics, so went […]

Defensive Concealed Handgun (DCH) Review, 26-27 Oct 2019 by ‘Left Bob’

I attended the Max Velocity Training Defensive Concealed Handgun Class on October 26th – 27th at the MVT Training Center in Romney, WV to improve my basic handgun skills. The class greatly exceeded my expectations and continues to demonstrate that MVT, for me,  is the “go-to”  location for superlative training.  The class, taught by Scott, […]

British Infantry Belt Kit: Review JayJays Gen 4 Web Gear

This is a instructional session on the applicability and use of the British Army belt kit (webbing), focusing specifically on a review of the JayJays Gen 4 web gear, in this case the commanders version. Gen IV Commanders Description: The Gen IV Commanders is a totally flexible belt kit system where the pouches are […]

Space Available on HEAT 1 Combat Tactics 5 – 8 December

A handful of spaces left on the HEAT 1 Combat Tactics Class. The HEAT 1 class is very much our flagship live fire class, and opens up the door to training on many other MVT live Fire classes. HERE for the info page. HERE to book.

Video Gear Review: Crossfire DG3 Pack (Part 2)

This is a gear review of the Crossfire DG3 Pack. This is part 2, with part 1 already posted. The U.S. Crossfire website is HERE. Message from Diz, the US Crossfire Rep: you can hit the DG-3 (long range recce) thread at MVT forums, and you can also PM Diz: username DiznNC. This series of […]

Latest Activity on the MVT Forum

Top of the latest activity on the MVT Forum. Join, and become part of the community. Ask questions of Subject Matter Experts. MVT FORUM HERE.

Is Tactical Training (i.e. Small Unit Tactics) Important?

Is ‘tactical training,’ by which I mean Small Unit Tactics (SUT) important? Is it important to a citizen who is preparing himself to be a protector of his kith and kin? Or is it not? Is it simply stuff that former-military professionals such as myself are offering, simply because ‘it’s what we know’? The purpose […]

New Squad Tactics Class & Updated 2020 Schedule

At the AAR for the CLC on Sunday, we discussed the fact of how hard I had to scramble to fill CLC (we had 10 out of 13 students) and also the main problems of getting enough OPFOR. Due to an incredible amount of selflessness we have a number of guys give up anything from […]

On the MVT Forum – Latest

Increasingly, action is on the MVT Forum rather than the blog. I encourage you to visit, join, and become part of the community. MVT FORUM LINK

Information on the MVT Forum

It’s happening mainly on the MVT forum nowadays, not so much here on the blog. Articles of interest in terms of tactical education and information. It is free to be a member of the forum, and other than the private areas, you can read it without registering, but you will be unable to ask questions. […]