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Get your Kit Squared Away!

I was just down in the bunker sorting my kit out, for potential self-defense escapades against tyranny, right here in Ole Virginny. I took some photos and thought I would use it as an excuse to talk about gear. Yay! Anyone that knows me and follows my writings and YouTube Channel, will know that I […]

Virginia: Let’s get down to the heart of the Issue.

As we sit here on Christmas Eve, we can reflect on the overwhelming groundswell response across Virginia, to the threats of tyranny from Richmond. The MSM is carefully not mentioning any of it. Yet the vast majority of counties and towns have declared themselves as either 2A Sanctuaries, or Constitutional Counties. This has resulted in […]

Student Review: Dec 2019 HEAT 1 Combat Tactics Class: JC

I attended the HEAT I class last week. It was my third HEAT 1 class (CRCD 2014 & CTT 2015. Link to my AAR from 2014) It had been awhile since my last class (life happens). Wow. Besides being total fun, I learned a lot – or relearned what I should have remembered. One thing […]

GET YOUR HEAD IN THE GAME! Culpeper / Virginia!

Posted on the Culpeper County 2A FaceBook page (of which I am a moderator) and also on the MVT Facebook page: GET YOUR HEAD IN THE GAME! “The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed…..” This may seem to you to be a political / Facebook struggle right now. […]

The Law, and Governor Northam’s Planned Treason

We are working hard in Culpeper County, Virginia, to fight back lawfully against proposed treason from the Governor’s office. We have a Culpeper County 2A Facebook page which is doing really well. We succeeded, with the help of a sympathetic Board of Supervisors, to pass a ‘Constitutional County Resolution.’ Sheriff Jenkins, the consummate politician, is […]

Why I choose MVT time after time…..

I am currently sitting on a plane flying home from the Deep South where I just attended a firearms training class put on by a very well regarded training company that travels across the country training civilians, LE, and Fed/military in all types of tactical topics. I had a great time, and learned a lot, […]

Student Review: HEAT Reconnaissance Class Nov 2019: Rich

This is not the typical Max Velocity Tactical course, where you need to be quick on the trigger, express violence of action, and win the fire fight. HEAT Recon is a whole new world of operations where you need to switch your mind from winning the fight to winning the war. What that means is […]

Student Review: HEAT Night Operations November 2019: George

I recently had the privilege of attending the “inaugural” HEAT NIGHT class at MVT. For context, I’ve attended several classes at MVT over the past few years, including HEAT 1, HEAT 2, CQB, FoF, Long Range etc., so I was really looking forward to this one after getting into NV shooting somewhat recently (at a […]

Virginia Anti-Paramilitary Law: Perspective & Rationality

People have been going nuts about the proposed anti-Paramilitary law in Virginia. They have been making all sorts of stuff up, including that it will apply to martial arts instructors. It lacks rationality and does not reflect well on pro-2A folks. So let’s take a look at this with a little bit of rationality and […]