SOG ‘Bright Light’ Mission – an unpublished account from ‘BlackJack’ – Lynne M. Black Jr.

I recently read ‘Whisky Tango Foxtrot‘ by Lynne M. Black Jr. I read it after Scott had regaled me with the tale of the amazing battle that RT Alabama had in ‘Oscar Eight’ in Laos as part of SOG recon operations. I had to buy the book and it is excellent. I was able to […]

ShotStop Body Armor: Price Reductions Through 2019 Year End!

ShotStop have implemented a large reduction in PA model pricing to help get the thinnest and lightest offering in the hands of of those of you seeking this performance without the budget to cover the regular PA price. A great year-end offer to take advantage of! Also, ShotStop are now offering offering the shooter and SAPI cuts […]

HEAT Reconnaissance Nov 22-24 Available for Booking!

I have created an event for Nov 22-24 for the first HEAT Reconnaissance class. It is showing in the training calendar. It is not yet showing top right of the HEAT Reconnaissance class page itself, because I lack the IT widgetry to make that happen, and will get that fixed next week. This is what […]

*NEW* HEAT Reconnaissance Class.

We have created a new class, the HEAT Reconnaissance Class. This is a specialized recce / recon class with focus on the skills required to conduct reconnaissance. This class will be featured in the 2020 schedule. However, I have begun a discussion on the MVT Forum, and if we can generate between 6 and maximum […]

ShotStop Body Armor: Advanced Plates with Duritium Technology.

Looking for the Best Body Armor Plates? ShotStop patented Duritium® technology and processes allow this advanced body armor to be thinner, lighter, and more durable than anything else on the market. Utilizing Duritium technology often results in up to 45 percent reduction in thickness and up to 200 percent reduction in weight, compared to other […]

Video: The ‘Assault Through’ (Dismounted Light Infantry Attack)

This video examines, with the help of army men on a sand table model, the concept of the ‘assault through’ as part of the dismounted light infantry attack. Including a thorough background and context on how and when to run the drill, it also gives variations on the standard U.S. Army doctrinal drill. This series […]

Video: Perspective on Tactical Training Videos: Clarity & Reality Check

This is a discussion, with video examples, of tactical training videos that MVT has posted. It attempts to give clarity to what is happening in the videos, how tactical training is run with training objectives for specific drills, along with the effects of range restrictions. Max addresses common internet complaints about what the students are […]

Train How You Fight: Firearms training methodology to Win The Fight

A discussion about training methodology for tactical training and shooting sports, both competition, and tactically focused. This series of instructional videos illustrate tactical concepts described in the Tactical Manual: Small Unit Tactics (link below) available on Amazon or via any reputable book retailer. MVT Tactical Manual Max Velocity Tactical (MVT) has established a reputation on […]

Review: HEAT 2 August 2019 – ‘Left Bob’

I attended HEAT 2 August 22nd – 25th at MVT. As a background, I have taken HEAT 1 a number of times and attended HEAT 0.5 and HEAT 1 with my son earlier in the summer. Bottom line up front – this was a fantastic class! In traditional MVT fashion, additional skills and training builds on HEAT […]