Video Gear Review: Crossfire DG3 Pack (Part 2)

This is a gear review of the Crossfire DG3 Pack. This is part 2, with part 1 already posted. The U.S. Crossfire website is HERE. Message from Diz, the US Crossfire Rep: you can hit the DG-3 (long range recce) thread at MVT forums, and you can also PM Diz: username DiznNC. This series of […]

Latest Activity on the MVT Forum

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Is Tactical Training (i.e. Small Unit Tactics) Important?

Is ‘tactical training,’ by which I mean Small Unit Tactics (SUT) important? Is it important to a citizen who is preparing himself to be a protector of his kith and kin? Or is it not? Is it simply stuff that former-military professionals such as myself are offering, simply because ‘it’s what we know’? The purpose […]

New Squad Tactics Class & Updated 2020 Schedule

At the AAR for the CLC on Sunday, we discussed the fact of how hard I had to scramble to fill CLC (we had 10 out of 13 students) and also the main problems of getting enough OPFOR. Due to an incredible amount of selflessness we have a number of guys give up anything from […]

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Information on the MVT Forum

It’s happening mainly on the MVT forum nowadays, not so much here on the blog. Articles of interest in terms of tactical education and information. It is free to be a member of the forum, and other than the private areas, you can read it without registering, but you will be unable to ask questions. […]

Review: HEAT 2 Combat Patrol, August 2019: Will

I recently had the pleasure of taking the Heat 2 Combat Patrol course at Max Velocity Tactical from August 22nd-25th. This was my third course at MVT, having taken Heat 1 and CQB prior. The student body was comprised of a great group of guys as always, with backgrounds ranging from active / retired military, […]

Video: CQB: Methods of Entry: Step Center

This is a segment from the Max Velocity Tactical CQBC (Close Quarter Battle Course). The three day class covers Tactical Clearance methods. This specific period of instruction concerns the number one man entering an open doorway via the Step Center method of entry. The CQBC class is a three day event, day 1 on the […]

Review: HEAT 0.5 Combat Rifle 7 – 8 Sept 2019 – Tom

During the period 9/7-9/8, 2019 I attended the H.E.A.T. 0.5 class with Max Velocity Tactical.  It was an incredible two days.  The class is highly recommended to anyone.  I did have a background in the subject matter. Having served in the United States Navy 1975-79, being discharged as a Lieutenant (03) same as an Army/Marine […]