Student Review: Texas 2020 – Lloyd

AAR:  MVT Texas – 23-29 Feb 2020 I’m the “organizer” who pestered Max until he agreed to come do his first class in Texas back in 2015, so I have been lucky enough to be able to attend the annual MVT Texas courses for six years in a row.  These courses are held on a […]

Assessing your Gear Needs

I have written extensively about gear, and made videos. I will post some general gear videos below. This is why I came up with the MVT Lite Fight concept which, I believe, goes a long way to covering the bases of a basic gear setup. Having said that I have written extensively about gear, and […]

Boomer to Zoomer Training Scholarship Program

This is a new initiative. As we face increasing threats to our freedom, particularly in Virginia today, and elsewhere tomorrow, it is vital that our young Liberty minded people are trained. It is true that many of the people who attend MVT classes are older professional folks. As time has passed, some of you have […]

Night Operations Class 4-5 April

There is space available on the upcoming Night Operations Class 4-5 April. There is another class 6-8 November. It runs twice per year. Following the AAR on the first class that ran last November, we have made some changes to the curriculum. It will broadly look like this: Friday Night: Flat Range drills, practice, rehearsals. […]

Combat Zero your AR

Following First Sergeant posting this great webpage (Arma Dynamics) with zero / fall of shot graphics on the Forum, it seems like a good time to follow up with some info that we usually go over at the HEAT 0.5 / HEAT 1 Classes when conducting zeroing. I notice a couple of things: There is […]

2 additional HEAT 1 Combat Tactics Classes added

I have added an additional two HEAT 1 Combat Tactics classes to the schedule. Demand is increasing and the March class became oversubscribed. Dates are: 23 – 26 April 25 – 28 June We have existing classes 16 – 19 July and 3 – 6 September. Information on the HEAT 1 Combat Tactics class can […]

Future of SQUAD TACTICS 23-26 April

I’m looking towards the Squad Tactics class on 23-26 April. This is the 4 day successor to the CLC, and I have posted about it before. I only have one booking for this class at this time. Nuts. HEAT 1 seems to be gaining in popularity (March is overbooked), so I am already looking at […]

Virginia Volunteer Patriots!

The below was posted on my various social media and on this blog / forum. I have had a number of emails from those who are not in Culpeper. In fact, I am not really sure how responsive Culpeper County really is. Many seem to be in some form of GOP echo chamber denial – […]

Updated Culpeper Volunteers Page and Message

Updated Culpeper Volunteers Page. I have some things in the works. The purpose is to promote self-defense capability, aimed at those who are prepared to stand up and defend the Liberty and Natural Rights of Virginians. Note: there will be an event organized by myself in the Culpeper area that will not be a rally, […]

A Review of the Excellent ShotStop ‘Green Tip’ (GT) Plates

The ShotStop Green Tip (GT) plates weigh 4.6 lb for a standard 10 x 12 cut. They will stop everything up to Green Tip M855 (including M193). The difference between them and the ShotStop Level IV HS is the IV will stop the M2 AP. The plates are made out of a combination of a […]