Strongpoint Assault Weekend

HERE IS A LINK to an Instagram post with an overview of the site just after I finished digging.

Date(s) – 07/20/2024 – 07/21/2024

This is a non-standard open enrollment class. This is an AIRSIM class and airsoft-style grenades / frags / bangers are welcome.

The weekend will consist of training in the assault and clearance of a soviet-style trench strongpoint. We will utilize Airsim rifles and there will be a dedicated OPFOR (enemy force) occupying the trenches.

See THIS POST about the new trench system that has been dug up at the Velocity Training Center near Romney.

Cost: $500

Booking classes: send me an email at to check for space on the class. Then send the deposit ($250) by check or money order to me at:

Max Velocity Tactical, 15191 Montanus Drive #127, Culpeper, VA 22701.

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