New Trench Strongpoint + Site Improvements

This past weekend was the Recon Class and I took the opportunity to rent a 11,000lb excavator and did 16 hours of work on the Thursday / Friday to put in the trench system concept and also improve the site and roads. It was well worth the expenditure on the rental excavator. I have talked before about this plan to put in a Soviet-style trench system strongpoint and I let my crazy get away from me and went a little nuts.

I am going to change the alumni weekend which was planned on July 20 /21 into an open enrollment airsim trench assault and clearance weekend. I have already announced that you are welcome to bring airsoft-style frag grenades to this or any MVT airsim class. That would include smoke, bangers and frags. We plan on having our usual OPFOR (enemy forces) on site and occupying the strongpoint.

The basic trench system is now dug. It will need a bit of tidy up after the rough work with the excavator, digging out loose shale etc. As we move forward, we can plan on adding extras such as overhead protection, bunkers and various enhancements to the system. If you feel like helping, plan on bringing a pick and shovel!

Here are some photos:

HERE IS A LINK to an Instagram post with an overview of the site just after I finished digging.

OPFOR is a family event!:

I also did various site and road improvements. Here are a couple of examples:

I upgraded the HEAT 2 ambush assault group location from a log wall to a berm. This will be so much easier to get over for the assault.

Here is the left stop group for the ambiush:

Here is a fire support location for assaulting the CQB huts (CQB class / Squad Tactics):

Here is a suggested ORP / surveillance location for the HEAT 2 recon patrol. OPFOR with those pesky thermals are always seeing the guys in position!

If any of you remember that lump of shale in the road that was sticking out as you drive into the VTC just beyond Fred’s house? It was a total pain and made it hard for smaller cars to navigate? It’s gone, in 2 minutes work with the excavator!

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