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Info / FAQ: ShotStop Duritium Ballistic Plates



Max Velocity Tactical is proud to be a dealer for ShotStop®, body armor plates with ground breaking Duritium® technology.

Orders are for 1 x individual plate. Select 1 (add to cart) = 1 plate. Select 2 (add to cart) = 2 plates i.e. front and back. 

Plate Fitting / Size: Plates are normally sized width wise nipple to nipple (see diagram below). The standard plate for most people is the 10 x 12. The 8 x 10 is significantly smaller in terms of surface area. The SAPI cut is standard military cut (as shown in diagram below) with the top corners cut down. SHOOTER cut is a more severe angle on the corners, designed for greater freedom of movement.  SAPI cut does not impede arm / shoulder movement in any cases we are aware of.

Orders: Select 1 Item in Cart = 1 Plate. Select 2 Items = Front / Back plate.

Why ShotStop® Duritium?

ShotStop patented Duritium® technology and processes allow this advanced body armor to be thinner, lighter, and more durable than anything else on the market. Utilizing Duritium technology often results in up to 45 percent reduction in thickness and up to 200 percent reduction in weight, compared to other body armor plates (steel, ceramic, or poly) on the market at the same protection level. This means users in the field can have the same protection level with much less bulk and weight, experiencing dramatically improved comfort and mobility. What makes ShotStop body armor better?

  • Extremely Lightweight
  • Ultra-Thin/Less Bulk
  • Durability/Warranty

For quick reference, current products sell sheets can all be found and downloaded on the ShotStop website HERE.


  • Duritium III PA plate (15 year warranty) – the thinnest and lightest plate at this multi-hit advanced protection level in the world.
  • Duritium III GT plate (15 year warranty) – special ultra-thin, light weight multi-hit protection option for Green Tip (SS109/M855) protection.
  • Duritium III PS plate (15 year warranty) – A light weight, multi-hit protection option for those on a careful budget.
  • Duritium III HS plate (10 year warranty) – A light weight, multi-hit protection option for those in the most budget-conscious situations.
  • Duritium IV HS plate (10 year warranty) – a light weight option for multi-hit armor piercing (7.62 x 63mm APM2 NATO) rounds.


Can you give me more detail on:

1) Duritium 2)  Whether the plates are effected by heat (locked car in the summer), as Dyneema is? 3) What is specific about the alloy composite on the GT plates? What is it made of? I understand that it is the powder that  stops the penetrator before the Duritium backer finally stops it? 

Duritium® is not Dyneema (made by DSM), nor is it SpectraFiber (made by Honeywell).  These are both UHMWPE. Duritium® is a portfolio of patented, patents pending and proprietary technologies that enables ShotStop to create advanced armor to protect against ballistic, blast, spike and edge threats far more efficiently than all other global competitive technologies and systems.  This does include our very own formula of UHMWPE (made by ShotStop Ballistics). The GT plate is a hybrid plate (strike face AND poly system) that has a proprietary alloy composite strike-face which has been vulcanized with rubber and a few other proprietary ‘twists’ which eliminates the all-too-common glass crack effect that other plates with ceramic strike faces have to deal with when not treated gingerly or when struck by bullets. And then behind the strike face, our Duritium® X1 UHMWPE is there to catch the flattened projectile (after the strike face has had its way with the bullet). All of this said, the heat of trunks (and also of arctic conditions) and the cycles of winter and summer do not effect the performance of the GT plate.

Why does the ShotStop UHMWPE resist heat damage when other UHMWPE products do not?

Answer: ShotStop’s UHMWPE is very similar but does have some molecular differences in formula.  That said, the ballistics capabilities of Duritium® don’t start to be affected until ~250 degrees.  The GT plate is guided by the strike face which obviously has much much higher heat resistance.  So the ShotStop UHMWPE could do the ‘flattened bullet catch’ at temperatures much higher than that minimum ~250 degrees – thanks to the GT strike face deforming the bullet and putting it out of it’s spiral rotation before the Duritium poly has to catch it.  This is why trunk heat is not a threat to the GT plate.

Depending on in-stock availability, orders may be may be shipped 2 to 10 days (plus manufacturing lead times) from placement. Note: depending on stock availability, there may be an up to eight week manufacturer lead time on orders. If there is a delay with a specific product you have ordered, you will be informed.