CQB ‘Mega House’ Takes Shape + CQBC Updates

This past weekend, framing went up for the new walls at the CQB Huts, Velocity Training Center (VTC), Romney, WV. The plan is to put the wood on next weekend.

Bottom of the photo you can just see the tarp walls that we had previously used to create ‘Mega House’ for the scenario part of the CQB training. The decision was made to make Mega House permanent.

These CQB huts are used for UTM training as part of the Close Quarter Battle Course, Force on Force Team Tactics, and the Combat Leader Course. It is also rumored that US SOF have raided these buildings several times to date, seeking extremely dangerous terrorists!

The next CQBC is September 14 – 16.

Combat Leader Course (CLC) is October 14 – 21 and there are 3 spaces left at this time.

There will be a couple of changes coming to CQBC in terms of the drills run on Day 1. CQBC is a 3 day class with live fire in the flat range on Day 1, then UTM up at the CQB site (now Mega House) for Days 2 and 3. This format will remain the same, but we will add a requirement for a small amount of frangible rounds for use during day 1. This is in order to practice some individual entry drills during day 1, but utilizing frangible on steel at close range.  This is something we developed at the last class, to great reception by the students, but the addition of steel will make the drill better. Bring your own or there will be a supply to purchase on site if you need to. Probably not more than 50 – 100 frangible. Details to follow.

Close Quarter Battle Course Details Here