Combat Leader Course 14 – 21 October 2018

The Combat Leader Course is coming up fast on October 14 – 21 2018. This is a unique and extremely valuable class. In essence, we take a squad of students, some dedicated OPFOR, and run them through UTM combat missions for a week. Students rotate though the roles in the squad; squad leader, team leader and rifleman. When it is your turn to be squad leader, you will be coached to plan, rehearse and then execute a simulated combat mission, which will be something along the lines of an ambush, a raid, or some combination of combat exercise.

This course is excellent for the development of leadership, teamwork, communication, and small unit tactics. So much so that it will impact your day to day professional performance.

There is no need to fear failure on this class, because it is a constructive and educational event. You will be coached and helped where necessary. It is not sink or swim!

There are still places available / needed on the course. We want to have 13 students exactly to make up the squad that we want and have time for everyone to be allocated a mission as a squad leader.

This class is an investment in time and treasure but it is hugely worth it and outstanding value.

If you have been paying attention to the early bird policy then you may note that the tuition price increases significantly (to standard rates) after July 15. This is 90 days out. I have deliberately kept tuition below rates in order to try and compensate for the significant UTM cost involved. UTM ammunition has to be ordered sufficiently in advance and this is also why we have the 90 day lead time and price change. I highly encouragement you to book before July 15th, or at the very least, if you intend on coming, positively let me know by email.

You may also have noted that without any FoF classes scheduled this year, the only venue for FoF is actually either at the CQB classes (minimal) and at this Combat Leader Class. This is probably fitting, because the Combat leader class grew out of the FOF Team Tactics class, and is probably altogether a better and more constructive use of the investment in UTM ammunition.