Yeager HRCC Video: Total Clown Show

This was sent to me with the following quote:

“His (Yeager’s) high risk civilian contractor (HRCC) course has always been controversial but this looks liked a MARKED turn to try teaching SUT to DKWYDK (Don’t Know What You Don’t Know) groups. I think it’s predatory, dangerous and disingenuous in that it’s selling an experience rather than knowledge. Especially at that rate of fire. They’re having fun but not learning anything. Anyway. You have an amazing platform to warn folks.”

This is an absolute shit show from my viewpoint as a professional soldier / trainer. Safety is a nightmare, they are all over the place, there is no control. Clearly there has not been sufficient training or rehearsals of drills. Probably because there are no real drills, or sufficient understnding of such by the instructors. If YOU can’t see this, and think this looks cool, then you need enlightening with professional training.

Massive rates of fire = lack of situational awareness. The safety angles (lack of) are dangerous. In the interview segment these guys are all clearly focusing on being cool, but they have no idea, literally.

If I had the power to stop this, I would exercise it. But in reality, this class is full of students. MVT sometimes has spare spaces on professional SUT classes. Yeager is a millionaire and these guys keep flocking to his classes. I am not sure many of the students in this video would have the aptitude or patience for a professional class, when they are just looking to play ‘call of duty’ with live rounds. Or maybe they would surprise themselves; if they had the warrior mindset for real learning, personal and skill development, and the drive to at least pass the minimum functional fitness assessment?

It’s almost like someone watched some MVT videos, maybe even read the tactical manual and tried to implement it without the required skills to do so effectively and safely? Hmmmmm.

Remember, Max Velocity Tactical is the ONLY school to teach Individual and Small Unit Tactics to a professional level, via a designed facility / training POI, as the primary function of our school. Nowhere else, most particularly Tactical Response, comes close. This video shows some live fire training conduct that is negligent and downright dangerous.