What Class do you want: April 23-24?

I cancelled the MVT Rifleman Challenge that was scheduled April 22-24 and consolidated the Challenge to November. I now have the weekend of the April 23-24 available. I know that in terms of booking classes that is very short notice for students, so I accept that we may schedule nothing, and I’ll spend more time with the family / newborn. However, if we have sufficient interest, I will put on a class Saturday / Sunday.

I have had a lot of inquiries over the Land Navigation Class. This is a non-tactical class with no prerequisites, so in many ways it is an easy one for students.

Following the roaring success of the Force on Force Team Tactics Class this past weekend, I’m buzzing about it and would like to schedule these classes more often. The next one is currently in October. This class has a prerequisite of Combat Team Tactics (CTT).

I will offer a choice of either Land Navigation or Force on Force Team Tactics the weekend of 23/24 April.

So here is what we will do:

  • If you are willing to go for a firm commitment for either one of these classes, email me and specify:
  • I will not ask for any money or deposits initially.
  • If I get the required numbers, I will email everyone and ask for immediate payment.
  • Note: if we are going to run FoF, I need to pull the trigger immediately to allow time to order the UTM ammo. I will make a call no later than this Friday.


  • If you want to commit to the class, email me, there is no time to lose and I will make a call by this Friday.
  • If either of the classes is a go, I will ask for immediate payment, and post the class here on the blog for any others that may want to join.


‘Team Coyote’