Virginia Volunteer Patriots!

The below was posted on my various social media and on this blog / forum. I have had a number of emails from those who are not in Culpeper. In fact, I am not really sure how responsive Culpeper County really is. Many seem to be in some form of GOP echo chamber denial – normalcy bias “but the Supreme Court will take care of us.”. We all know that the numbers of people who are REALLY willing to stand is small.

What I am trying to do is get a muster together for more of a local group, as an alternative to some of the Culpeper Volunteers range days I have been running (time will become limited when we get fully into the training season). This will lead to something I am planning in April which will be a meeting of the minds of Virginia Volunteer groups. It’s not a militia, because a militia is all able bodied persons in the county. It is a volunteer group. Also, if we can get people together, then some of the training responsibility can be taken off me. I still have to put food on the table via my commercial offerings.

So I want to hear from you whether you are Team Rekkr, Alumni, or simply a lurker on the forum / blog. You need to be relatively close to Culpeper. Send me an email ( and I will add you to the muster list for emails and future muster / meets / training. I can’t assume you are in unless you communicate that to me.

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This has gone up in the Culpeper County 2A and also the Culpeper Volunteers. Posting here for those of you who are not members of those groups:

Planning for a Muster of Culpeper Volunteer Patriots!

We need to move things on a little. So far I have offered free training under the Culpeper Volunteers banner. With limited time available to do this, and limited numbers that can safely fill classes, this will only get us so far. I have also never questioned anyone’s motivation to be there; whether they are simply there for free training, or whether they are truly aiming to stand with us as Defenders of Liberty.

I am planning a larger meet of Virginia Volunteer Patriots in a couple of months. This is for the purpose of meet & greet and coordination. It is not a rally, although there are more rallies in the works for Virginia.
Thus, I would like to organize a larger meet of Culpeper Volunteer Patriots in the next month or so. What do I mean by this?

I am asking for volunteers. This is not the same as a militia muster, which would include all able bodied persons. No, I am asking for volunteers.

Who is a volunteer? It is someone who is a Volunteer Defender of Liberty, and is prepared to stand with us against tyranny when the need arises. Understand that we are doing all we can to change the attack on our natural rights by Richmond, but if they do not change course, they will leave us with no opportunity but to have to act in self-defense of our lives, liberty and property.

When the hour comes, will you cower and submit, or will you stand with us for our rights, for our Liberty? If you will stand, then I want to see you at the muster. I need to collect a roster of personnel. to do this, please email me (specifically email me) to

There will be issues of weapons, equipment and training. There will be those of you who are best placed in the auxiliary in a support role. I don’t want you to worry about those specifics now. We can get into that at the muster.

In the meantime, if you have questions of gear and equipment, the MVT Forum is an excellent resource. here is a sample post:

Compilation of Observations on Gear / Classes by Scott (First Sergeant)

I look forward to hearing from you.