Updated Culpeper Volunteers Page and Message

Updated Culpeper Volunteers Page. I have some things in the works. The purpose is to promote self-defense capability, aimed at those who are prepared to stand up and defend the Liberty and Natural Rights of Virginians.

Note: there will be an event organized by myself in the Culpeper area that will not be a rally, but will be a meeting of the mind / training event. There are going to be other rally’s planned, including July 4th. The time for low profile carry is over. Rally’s from now on will be full kit. July 4th may be felon time, or it may be delayed due to injunctions due to court challenges on those ‘laws’ that are getting passed. But it’s coming. You either need to stand up and be counted, or pound sand.

Time to be afraid of ‘the system’ is over – and you are all logged and recorded anyway. You need to take a long look in the mirror and understand that we are in the right, as Virginians / Americans who have our natural rights. What Richmond is doing is pure tyranny and is exactly why the 2A exists. We are on the side of the law. The law of the Land is the Virginia and Federal Constitutions. I do not need someone in a black robe to interpret that for me.

We are doing everything we can to avoid the violence that Richmond is promising. We rallied peacefully in Richmond on the 20th, and they ignored us. The Bloomberg / Soros money is strong with these Democrats! If Richmond keeps pushing, and we do not comply, it will end in violence, as we are forced by the tyrants to exercise our rights to self defense. If you want to play silly games like ‘not comply’ by hiding all your weapons, then my contempt for you knows no bounds. Either stand, or pound sand.

The message:
• No infringement to our 2A natural rights.
• We will not comply with tyrannical edicts.
• Real tactical training to prepare Patriots for the hard times ahead.
• Developing a true Warrior Mindset: Tactics, skill at arms, teamwork, leadership, communication, physical and mental fitness.
• Shoot, Move and Communicate effectively!

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