Video: Art of the Tacticool Mag Flip

More tacticool awesomeness!

On a serious note however, notice how although these guys are making a comedy video, they are still firmly rooted in the ‘tacticool’ meme in everything they do.

But, the ‘mag flip’ is a real technique. See ‘Rifle Stoppage Drills‘:

Common First Step: If you are firing your weapon and it fails to fire, immediately cant it slightly to the left so you can observe the ejection port. As you do this, ensure you take better cover. You will then act as a result of what you see:

Speed/Emergency reload:

  • Fire until the magazine is empty and the bolt locks to the rear.
  • On canting the weapon you observe no round in the chamber and no rounds in the magazine i.e. empty magazine.
  • Keeping the weapon pointing towards the enemy (and taking better cover if you need to):
  • Operate the magazine release button with your right index finger. The magazine should drop out of the weapon.
  • Cant the weapon to the right, this will create space when prone and give some momentum to the empty magazine to aid in its ejection.

So it’s not quite the ‘Magpul Mag Flip,’ but is is a valid technique.