Update: Patriot Dawn: The Resistance Rises

I’m close. I’m going through the final editing stages. I already went through the re-writing and additions stage, adding some characters and deepening the storyline. I hope to publish in a week or so.

When I initially wrote it, I did not go into much depth on the ‘enemy’. I wanted them as a gray force, due to the somewhat limited information available to my resistance guys. However, it makes for a better story to have some really nasty ‘bad guys’.

Editing is a pain in the butt. However many times I go over it, it takes a lot of re-reads and also help by others to spot the less obvious typos.

My confession is that when I wrote ‘Contact!’  the ulterior motive was to arm readers with effective tactics, not just for a more classical type collapse (which ‘Contact!’ focuses on as its premise) but also for the more sinister ‘tyranny of government’ scenarios that we see ‘just around the corner’.

With Patriot Dawn, it’s full on collapse/tyranny of Government/civil war/resistance fighting.

As such , I hope the book, although a novel, is of use to show the pros and cons  of various strategies and tactics, and it gives my take on how things could ‘theoretically’ pan out.

Cutting to the chase, please read ‘Contact!’, and assimilate it. Please also read ‘Patriot Dawn’ for context and illustration.