Update on ShotStop Green Tip 2 Plates

ShotStop has sold out of the first run of Green Tip 2 plates. These were offered initially in the 10×12 size only. We are taking back-orders for the new production run, which is currently scheduled for end of September.

The new production run will again be in 10×12, multi-curve, and the plate itself will weight 3.8lb and be 0.6″ thick. This is a reduction in weight from the 4.6lb of the GT1 10×12 plate, to the 3.8lb of the GT2 plate.

As time goes on, ShotStop will begin to push out the GT2 into the other plate sizes. For now, GT2 only applies to the 10×12.

At this time, I cannot recommend this plate enough. In terms of stopping power balanced against weight and thickness, this plate wins.

For orders:

ShotStop Green Tip Plates