Update on ‘Patriot Dawn: The Resistance Rises’

I am running through some edits, taking into consideration feedback I have been getting from both blog comments and also some beta readers. The prologue is now amended. I hope to publish shortly after the New Year.

It takes up to seven days for the CreateSpace book to populate onto Amazon once published, and longer through other outlets. It will be immediately available in the CreateSpace estore once published.

I will keep the updates coming.

You may have read that the book was originally designed as a ‘tactical fiction’ to bring to life the concepts explained in ‘Contact!’. It has remained true to that, but I have also done my best to write a stand-alone novel, not just a tactics fest.

I feel some pressure to get the book out there, simply because I feel that the knowledge is increasingly urgently needed as part of the preparations of Patriotic Americans.

Time appears to be running short.

I hope I am wrong.

Are you ready?