Update on MVT SHIELD timelines

We completed the initial rush of orders in December. It was a big hump to get over and Andy and Cat, who make the MVT SHIELD, worked really hard. I have heard nothing but good reports about the quality of the product.

Andy & Cat also moved house, and needed a little time to set up their workshop. They will be resuming production runs on 1 February. Now that we have the rush out of the way, I don’t anticipate more than a couple of weeks lead time on production. Now, bear in mind that orders come through me via mail, and I may go to pick up mail maybe once or twice a week, and I can be away training, so that is a potential delay also. This is a Mom & Pop operation!

Throughout the process of getting the initial orders out, I did refund some difficult types who seemed to think that I am, and complained about the delay despite it being fully published. If you complain, I simply refund you, because I would rather that than you get hold of the product, if you are an ass. I’m still laughing at one idiot who made a complaint to the Better Business Bureau, despite not responding to my email when he complained. Patriot? Really. Not.



MVT Shield 8