Upcoming Classes at the Velocity Training Center, Romney, WV

MVT Training Calendar

There have been some changes and amendments to classes coming up and the full scope can be viewed on the Training Calendar.

A summary:


22 – 25 March: HEAT 1: Full.


5 – 8 April: HEAT 2: 4 Spaces Available. This is the previous Combat Patrol Class, updated.

19 – 22 April: HEAT 1: 4 Spaces Available. This is the previous Combat Team Tactics Class which is now 4 days long.*

*Note: I am making some allowances for previous experience for booking onto 3 days of the HEAT 1 Class, for new bookings, for returning recent alumni or those who have a significant level of training / weapon manipulation competence from elsewhere. This will be posted on an update to the page HERE. Bottom line, if you think you can miss the first day of the class, email me.


5 – 6 May: Long Range Marksmanship (LRMS): 5 Spaces Available. This utilizes the 1000 yard range for precision rifle work.

24 – 27 May: HEAT 2: This was a 7 day HEAT 1 / 2 combination but due to lack of interest in the ling class it has been reduced to HEAT 2 4 days only.


9 – 10 June: Hostile Environment Marksmanship (HEMS): This is the previous Combat Rifle Skills Class, an excellent class.

22 – 24 June: Close Quarter Battle Course (CQBC): This class was recently posted and is currently open. Make no mistake, this is a state of the art CQB course teaching current TTPs in use by SOF. This is open enrollment but we expect you to show up with a decent level of competence in basic weapon manipulation.


14 – 15 July: Defensive Concealed Handgun (DCH).

August – September:

Classes have not been scheduled yet for these months, due to deconfliction with SOF bookings. They will be scheduled closer to the time.


14 – 21 October: HEAT Team Leader. This is our excellent annual combat leader class.

Check this video from HEAT 2 in Texas, conducting a 5 man react to contact / cover shoot / offensive action drill:

MVT Training Calendar