Training Video: SAS Patrol – Behind Enemy Lines

H/T to commenter ‘Submariner” for reminding me about this video.

I originally posted it HERE – ‘Useful Patrol Training Video’ with the following comment:

This is a useful training video. It has applicability to an SHTF or Resistance scenario if you are operating in a small team. It is made with the participation of some genuine SAS veterans, old school style (Mac was the first man into the Iranian Embassy in 1982 and died in 2011 since making this TV Series). There are various tips and lessons you can take out of this. Take some, leave some as they are applicable to your situation.

Just bear in mind that the equipment and technology is somewhat dated and some current capabilities are either not used or mentioned i.e. night vision equipment, FLIR/TI etc. The basics are however very good and would be amended by factoring in the modern capabilities with the relevant impacts on your operating SOPs.

The basic principles never change, just the specifics and the technology. Basics, Basics, Basics.

Disclaimer; I skipped through the medical parts and did not fully watch them. Current TC3 (Tactical Combat Casualty Care) protocols are a good place to start for your combat lifesaver training.

Submariner reminded me about this in relation to comments on the recent ‘Combat Patrol – Photos‘ Post when discussing clothing color and utility on this past weekend’s Combat Patrol Class:

“We discussed the use of camo and solid colors. We also discussed the use or carriage of stuff that may not look as military, such as hunter camo, solid colors, and even just a spare light jacket in civvy colors. Hunter camo and Carhartt in general fits in around WV. Now, given the equipment we are wearing, I don’t have any time for an argument that camo itself is bad. But there is scope for multipurposing clothing or having a set in your ruck of overclothes. Leave the patrol in over watch, put the civvy gear on, you and a buddy go meet the ‘agent’ carrying concealed handguns and wearing civvy looking clothes.”

Here is the video. Just remember, it is a TV show!:


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