Texas Classes February 2018

We have space on the upcoming Texas Classes in February 2018. This will be the fourth year we have run these excellent classes at the ranch near Brady, Texas. It is an excellent training venue.

These classes run from 17 February to the 1 March. There are a number of options within these classes.

Package 1 runs from 17 – 22 February. In total, there are 6 days of training available. This 6 day package is divisible in 2, 4 or 6 day options and is built as follows:

  • Combat Rifle Skills (CRS): 17 – 18 February. This is the 2 day flat range portion. This can be taken on its own. It is designed to lead into:
  • Combat Team Tactics (CTT): 19 – 20 February. This is the 2 day tactical range portion. CRS is a prerequisite.
  • Mobility / Convoy Tactics: 21 – 22 February. This is a vehicle tactics class. Focusing on convoy / mobility drills and operations in civilian vehicles (this is a tactical class and not an off-road driving class). This class is only run in Texas and Idaho and is an excellent opportunity for some great scenario based training.

Each of the above classes is a prerequisite for the next. So you can build a 2, 4 or 6 day package.

Package 2 runs from 24 February to 1 March. In total, there are 6 days of training available.  This 6 day package can be divided into a 4 and 2 day option.

  • Combat Patrol / Direct Action: 24 – 27 February. This is the complete Combat Patrol / Direct Action 4 day class. Combat Team Tactics is a prerequisite.
  • Force on Force Team Tactics / Intro to CQB: This is a 2 day package involve one day Force on Force, and one day Intro to CQB (force on target / force on force). This is a UTM course and does not use live rounds. There is no prerequisite for this class. It can be taken independently of the Combat Patrol Class.

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Note: the ticket purchase for the Texas classes, due to the number of options available, can be a little confusing. We get that. If in doubt, put down a deposit and email me with what class you want. Thanks!

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