Texas 2019

Page Updated 26 November 2018.

In 2019, MVT is running a 6 day training package Sunday 17 – Friday 22 February 2019.

The training theme for the class is ‘Rhodesia.’ This is a hybrid class that does not confirm specifically to the MVT standard training curriculum. This general class theme and curriculum was a huge success in 2018.

There is now a limit of 16 spaces for the class. At time of writing, we are at 16 bookings after increasing class size from 12 to 16.

Classes take place on a large private ranch close to Brady, Texas. The ranch offers excellent training land. There is a comfortable hunting lodge at the ranch which is the main accommodation option of choice. This will be the fifth year in a row that we have run classes at this ranch. It is an excellent training venue.

There is a $40 per night cost to stay in the Hunting Lodge on the ranch (optional) . There is a $20 per day range fee, in addition to the tuition fees listed below. These fees are paid to the ranch on site, not to MVT.

Event Outline:

The specific training program is subject to change / evolution.

Day 1: Flat Range: this is is a skills / revision day focusing on individual and team TTPs directly applicable to the rest of the training package.

Day 2: Assault Day: team assault drills.

Day 3: Immediate action drills.

Day 4: Ambush.

Day 5: Attack Day: Hasty Attack / Raid.

Day 6: Force on Force***

*** Note: This will now be an AirSim event. See below.

Who can attend?

The classes are designed for MVT Alumni. The initial day on the flat range is designed to bring alumni up to speed, who may have missed a year or two of training and the ongoing development of MVT TTPs.

There will be no basic rifle training / no weapon manipulation training on the class. This is not a standard HEAT class.

We will accept non-alumni students. However, you must write in first (you have to anyway to check space availability) and detail your prior training / skill level. This exception is designed for students who have significant former weapons / tactical training and are able to run their rifle / conduct weapon manipulation / not compromise safety. maxvelocitytactical@gmail.com

Class Price:

6 Day Package Tuition: $1200.

AirSim Rifle /Equipment Rental Cost: $100.

Note: Bring your own AirSim and pay no AirSim rental.

Total Price: $1300 (or $1200 with your own AirSim Rifle / Equipment).

A $300 deposit will secure you place on the class. The balance of payment is required no later than 45 days in advance of the class date. 

Booking Procedures: this is a non-standard class and there are no event tickets to purchase. You must email maxvelocitytactical@gmail.com to check space availability. Once availability is confirmed, send your deposit via this link: DEPOSIT / BALANCE PAYMENTS LINK.

Further Information:

AirSim Training / Information

There are ammunition restrictions for the class which are specified in the class information packet, due to the various protective and target steel used during the class. In summary: no M855, penetrator, M193, that may excessively damage or penetrate steel.

Ammunition Restrictions