Tentative 2018 Schedule up to June

Just posted on the MVT Forum:

I had a chance to sit down and hash out an initial schedule for 2018 up to June. This is for CTT, FoF and CP classes. It does not include classes run by Scott, which are the CRS and DCH. It also does not include classes run by John, which are the CQBC and LRMC. These will start to be scheduled once we get this nailed down.

This IS NOT SET IN STONE at this time. We looked at the calendar and tried to mostly de-conflict with our family commitments, and general holiday commitments that families have.

If you have any comments, objections or suggestions, please put them here (MVT Forum).

Texas: already scheduled with 2 6 day packages February 17 – March 1.

Combat Team tactics (4 day): March 22 – 25.

Combat Patrol (4 Day): April 5 – 8.

Combat Team tactics (4 day): April 19 – 22.

Force on Force Team tactics (2 Day only): May 5 – 6.

6 Day CTT / Direct Action (4 + 2): May 22 – 27.

TacGun Challenge (2 Day): June 23 – 24 (already on the schedule).

I have not posted these on the calendar yet. Waiting for feedback and will let it sit for a couple of days to see if any issues emerge.