Tactical Questions

Up till now  I have been posting with a tactical theme whenever the idea strikes me. Increasingly, those tactical posts are getting interspersed with political comments, it just can’t be helped given the situation we find ourselves in.
So, the purpose of this post is to encourage interaction and  invite ideas from the readership for future tactical blog posts. Put it in a comment and I will see what topics come up and then think about writing a post on some of them. No promises! For short questions, I will try and answer in comments if possible.
You can also email me if you don’t want to out it up:
Granted, my books are out there and available to you so don’t expect the whole story in a blog post. But perhaps you have questions not addressed in my books, or reading them raised further questions? Perhaps I did not cover something well enough or in enough detail, or you disagree with an element of my writing that is opinion? Perhaps you want a topic expanded?
Some of this tactical stuff eventually runs out of utility in written form, without a frame of reference anchored some form of practical experience  When it gets to that point, I recommend getting some hands on training with a good instructor. If you want to train with me, I think I am a month or so away from starting training on the West Virginia site. I’ll put a schedule up closer to the time.
In the meantime, I recommend this background reading for some good tactical grounding: