Tactical Planning Task: Problem #4: Squad Hasty Attack Part 2 – The Dilemma


This new planning task follows directly from the previous planning task, Squad Hasty Attack. You will need to read through that task in order to get the scenario.

I have written this new task as a series of slides. The assumption is that you decided to go left flanking. In the first series of slides I have shown a sequence of maneuver, a way that you could have achieved that. It involves maneuvering to the flank by peeling your teams. Follow through the slides and they should be self-explanatory.

I then show you an ‘enemy view’ slide and a ‘dilemma slide.’ These show you a snapshot of what has happened, with a description. The idea is to decide what to do next. Remember that as the squad leader you are in Alpha 1. However, you can rely on the training and drills of your other teams/team leaders.

A point to take away from this is the reason why we use flank protection/reserve, and why it is a good idea, depending on your situation, to take an element with you as flank protection, insurance against enemy depth and mutually supporting positions. You can put everyone in the support by fire and assault elements, but then you are swinging in the breeze as you penetrate deeper into that enemy position.

The left flanking scenario:


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