Fitness Prerequisites

MVT Function Fitness Assessment

Tactical Class function fitness Prerequisite

MVT requires students meet functional fitness prerequisites prior to attendance on Tactical Live Fire Classes.

Classes the fitness prerequisites apply to:

  • HEAT 1, HEAT 2, CLC, HEAT Night.


  1. The functional fitness prerequisite is designed to functionally represent the strength, balance, activity, and basic physical fitness to ensure safety and the ability to effectively learn in a tactical training environment. The inability to safely and effectively get up and down from prone and kneeling positions, and a lack of basic physical fitness and endurance, will cause a safety issue and also reduce the effectiveness of the learning experience for the student. This is essential to safety on class: the ability to get up and down from kneeling / prone without waving, or muzzling others with, the rifle. A lack of fitness (or being ‘gassed’/ exhausted) leads to a lack of concentration which in turn can lead to safety issues
  2. MVT Tactical Training classes are small unit tactics classes and require a basic level of physical ability. It is not necessary to be, for example, an Iron Man athlete, but on the other hand it appears that some students make no effort at physical conditioning. This leads to a less then optimal learning experience, both for that student and for their range buddies. You will get more out of training if you make an effort at a minimum level of physical conditioning. You will also be better able to perform in an emergency, if your tactical training is required for self-defense real-world, if you maintain an effective level of functional fitness.
  3. These standards are absolute minimums for class attendance; a higher level of physical conditioning should be aspired to.
  4. Functional fitness training and advice can be found on the MVT Forum:

Tactical Training Functional Fitness Standards

Equipment / Location:

  • Set up a 10 meter distance for shuttle runs.
  • 2 x 20lb hand weights for a farmer carry. MVT uses sandbags tied with 550 cord / pvc handles.
  • Wear equipment – PC or loaded chest rig – weighing no less than 15lb.
  • No rifle.

Functional Fitness Test:

4 rounds of:

  • 5 x modified burpees.
  • Shuttle (i.e. run/walk) out and back = 20 meters.
  • 10 x alternating lunges.
  • Farmer carry shuttle x 2 = 40 meters
  • Begin next round.

Time limit: 6 minutes for 4 rounds.

Exercise Details:

Modified Burpee: standing erect arms by sides, move to chest to the ground, extending legs fully to the rear, back up to fully erect. This simulates going prone / taking cover.

Alternating lunges: start upright, move one leg forward or back to forward thigh parallel to the ground, rear knee lightly touching the ground, back up, swap legs.

There will be questions about preexisting injuries that may affect the ability to perform the test. These will be accommodated within reason based on this being a functional test to see if you can perform safely on the tactical ranges. For example, having a bad knee may mean you lunge on the same leg, etc.


Expect to perform this test at tactical classes, prior to the training day. For example, for HEAT 1, it will be performed either either on the Thursday morning, or on the Saturday morning prior to moving out to the tactical ranges (following the 2 day flat range HEAT 0.5 portion).

Students are expected to perform this test prior to attendance at class and as such will be expected to self-certify that they are able to perform the test, prior to performing it at class. This will both prevent pencil-whipping the paperwork, but also ensure that people are prepared and will be unlikely to not meet the standard at class. If a student fails to meet the standard, a decision will be made based on the totality of their performance, and any injuries etc, as to how they may or may not progress onto the tactical ranges, and what measures may need to be put in place to mitigate any identified safety issues. It does not necessarily mean you will have to leave class, but it depends on the totality of the circumstance i.e. participation may be limited etc. Moral: ensure you can perform the test prior to showing up.

MVT reserves the right to conduct this test at class. Expect this to form part of the program for tactical classes, the exception will be where time does not allow it.

Students with medical issues must obtain clearance from a relevant medical professional prior to conducting any of these exercises or tests.