TacGun: What is TacGun? What is a TacGunner?

TacGun is what we do at Max Velocity Tactical: Tactical Training. TacGun is our hobby, our pastime, our sport if you like. We are TacGunners.

We  do not limit ourselves in our training, and our training has immense benefits for us in the here and now, both in our personal and our professional  lives.

What does TacGun training involve? As TacGunners, we train in current combat tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs), taught by experienced professional soldiers who are top tier instructors. Current Special Operations Forces (SOF) also train at MVT using these TTPs, and your training is modified only by differences in civilian equipment  and operating environment.

TacGun training has immense benefits, and has direct training impact, on the following areas:

  • Combat Shooting
  • Weapon Manipulation
  • Real Combat Tactics
  • Physical Fitness
  • Teamwork
  • Performance under pressure
  • Communication
  • Personal growth
  • Interpersonal relationships
  • Character development
  • Competition

You can TacGun by coming to MVT classes. This takes the form of a selection and mix of tactical training, leadership, physical fitness, live fire and force on force events, some of which focus on training, some on competition, and some are a mix of both.

Force on Force Team Tactics weekends are TacGun events which mix training, personal development, fitness and competition. These are excellent entry level options into TacGun, with no live fire safety concerns for the new participant, where you will receive challenging training and be guided by more experienced TacGunners.

Look for TacGun Force on Force weekend events on the calendar – these are an excellent way of getting into tactical training.

As a TacGunner with training under your belt, you can run your own TacGun events and training with your own group on your own range or property. This can take the form of live fire drills or even airsoft force on force team events. It is important to specify that TacGun events utilizing UTM or airsoft differ from actual airsoft or paintball in the level of TTPs and teamwork deployed by TacGunners. This is real tactical combat training.

People arrive at TacGun via many routes. It is clear that in these uncertain times, TacGun offers real tactical training that can be utilized to defend yourself and your family. However, TacGun is not simply an activity aimed at emergency situations, but is for the here and now, with immense personal and group benefits.

Here at MVT, we believe strongly in Liberty and the right to keep and bear arms, without which TacGun would not be possible. Other than that, we are not a political activity or organization. TacGun is an activity for all responsible armed citizens.


Does TacGun make Tactical Training a Sport?

TacGun does not suddenly make what we do here at MVT into a ‘sport.’ MVT training is TacGun.

Adaptations to TacGun include:

1) More focus on which teams win in specific TacGun events such as Force on Force Team Tactics. These will remain as they are as training and competition events, we will just focus a bit more on the competitive side, perhaps with prizes.

2) The TacGun Challenge. Tactical events will be designed to gather scoring metrics on a 4 person team competition basis.

So what about this sporting thing? TacGun can be explained as ‘Adventurous Training.’ These are activities that are conducted due to their direct impact not only on tactical skills, but also for the benefits to character, team work and leadership development they provided. So, for example, you may climb a mountain to experience climbing the mountain, not to see who got there first, but it would be a hard day on the hill. Thus, sports/activities that may have no obvious scoring metrics, other than success at the task. A sailing passages in rough weather not as a race, but to work together on the crew and thus achieve the objective, such as a night passage. That is what adventurous training is, and TacGun is in that same spirit.