Student Review: Virginia Combat Team Tactics July: Stuart

CTT July Square Range


A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to attend my second Max Velocity Tactical Training class out in Romney West Virginia. The class was titled Combat Team Tactics (CTT) and I learned even more this second time around.

As I’ve been reflecting on the class and the lessons learned a few key points have really struck home. I want to share those key points in an effort to motivate the firearms owners that aren’t training to get out there and train!

Key points:

A rifle is a tool.

Simply owning it will not get the job done.

Going to the range and punching holes into paper will not get the job done.

To fully utilize this tool you will need some quality training.

Without quality training your ability to protect yourself, protect your loved ones, protect your home, or stand up for the second amendment becomes questionable at best. (Catastrophic at worst).

This second experience has really solidified my belief that Max Velocity Tactical’s Combat Team Tactics class (CTT) should be the baseline for anyone owning a rifle that hopes to ever use it for defense. He teaches what I’ve never seen taught before outside of law enforcement or military schools. Just about every class I’ve attended prior to Max’s I was standing static on a firing line shooting down range at paper or steel targets. Max teaches fire and movement in a 360 dynamic environment with electronic pop up targets that react to being shot. (If it’s not moving, you’re probably not hitting it.) For beginner shooters Max has a 2 day basic rifle skills class (Note*). Once you’ve mastered basic manipulation you’re pretty much ready for Combat Team Tactics. Max’s ranges are on a first class training facility in Romney WV, about a 2 hour drive from northern Virginia. After years of gun ownership I have come to realize the value of this style of training. Max Velocity Tactical is the only place I know of where you can get it. The next class I take will probably be a course he has just started offering in his new MOUT location called Citizen Close Combat (C3). Get out there and train, train, train! I’ll leave you with this final thought that I may have gotten from John Murphy at his FPF Training Minuteman Rifle Course years ago:

It is one thing to know how to shoot your rifle.

It is another thing to know how to fight with your rifle.

Note*: Combat Team Tactics is a 3 day class. The first day is on the Square Range and is technically known as Combat Rifle. It is however a 3 day class. There is the option of adding a pre-day on the square range, which is the Rifle Skills Class. This enables more of a crawl phase before Combat Rifle / the tactical ranges, and makes the class a 4 day event. Well worth your time. This Student Review speaks to that. And this one.