Student Review: Texas Alumni Class 2023

Notes from Max:

The Texas Alumni Class is an annual class taking place towards the mid / end of February. This was our 9th year training at the ranch. It is an alumni class so you must have at least completed HEAT 1 to attend. We have a HEAT 1 class scheduled (West Virginia) on the following dates:

20 – 25 April

13-15 July

Please email me ( to book this class.

Texas 2023 (week 2 review) by Dimitri:

For the first time, I had a chance to be part of the Texas mobile class this year.  Traveling across the country and spending a week at the ranch was well worth the time.  All my training classes prior to Texas were done at the MVT West Virginia training center.  The overall TX class experience was much more than I anticipated.  For example: working mostly in teams, having a team leader on each of the teams, three teams working together cohesively as one larger element, using the spacious terrain for the larger size drills, having a visual ability to see what the other teams are doing within a scenario, longer range engagements with the targets, longer distances for the objective approaches.  These are just a few things which I observed immediately after the first live fire training day in TX.

The week began with a combat casualty course, which went over the basics of casualty care in a tactical environment.  During this time, I have learned the basics of open wound care, how to stop bleeding, proper application of a tourniquet, essential items for IFAK, wound packing, and other procedures for casualty stabilization.  The first class of such for me, well worth the time and a good learning experience.

Live fire days were filled with various drills for individual teams, as well as three teams working together on a specific objective.  I really liked the scenarios which included all three teams working together as a squad.  Each team did a specific task depending on the scenario, as the scenario progressed, each team had a chance to go from one task to another, until the objective was completed.  The feedback from the instructor was invaluable.  Each time the teams were debriefed on what went well and what did not.  Instructor explanations were given in a constructive manner.  After each iteration, each team and individuals within the teams knew what needed improvement and how to make it happen.  The entire week’s worth of various scenarios reinforced the fact that each member of the fire team must be able to function within the fire team as well as within the squad of three teams.  Working together is a lifeline for all of the teams involved, it is crucial to survival and success of the mission. 

I would recommend this training opportunity to anyone who is interested in a safe, constructive, realistic, and very enjoyable way to improve their individual and team skills.  I would feel safe to say that all of the students had fun and enjoyable learning experience in TX.  Looking forward to returning to this class next year.