Student Review: MVT Rifleman Challenge II: Sept 2015: Dennis


AAR Rifleman Challenge Sept 2015

There is just nothing to add to what Diz wrote about the RC events. So a little about my journey to the rifleman challenge. I believe that I was the oldest participant at 63, but keep in mind that the 2nd oldest, a 61 year old came in 3rd  overall in the challenge.  I competed in the first RC in March, so I knew that I would do ok in all the events, with the exception of the 2 miler, which would be close.

I first attended a 7 day set of classes (TC3, CTT, CP, NODF) in Sept. 2014 with my daughter. In preparation for those classes, I was just working out on my own with no real idea what I was doing. I have never been to a gym and know almost nothing about exercising. I did ok in those classes but it was clear that I needed to do more PT. Then Max scheduled the first RC and Max and Hunter came out with the fitness plans. The RC seemed like a really good idea with a variety of activities, some refresher stuff and some things like LN, CQB, and casualty evacuation would be new to me. Also, you get to repeat for FREE if you don’t make it. What a deal!

I bought the “12 week to RC training plan” and that was some of the best money I ever spent. I started the plan and by March 2015 I had lost 20 lbs and could actually run 2 miles in pretty good time. I was making the time down here in FL, but could not do it in WV, but was able to pass everything else. Another great thing about the fitness plan, is that you can restart it any time you want. I ended up doing the whole plan about 3 times.

So the bottom line is, get up to WV and do it. You are going to get tired and sore, but you are going to do it with a bunch of great people and you are going to learn something. Most of all, you are going to be amazed at what you can do if you just get out and start training.

Dennis W