Student Review: Land Navigation June 20/21 2015: Jason

I attended Jun 20-21 Land Nav course at MVT. What a great experience. MAX provided instruction that was first rate. His course is designed to give a student with little to no background in land navigation all the skills needed to safely and quickly move through the most difficult terrain. I attended this course with my 13 year old daughter. She picked up the instruction quickly and had a blast all weekend. This course is low stress and fun. I would highly recommend this course for people of all ages. MAX and all of his students conduct was very mature and professional. It was great to meet other Americans training and preparing themselves. After trekking about the MVT facility I believe it is world class. MAX is developing citizens with the skills needed the protect and lead there families and communities in a collapse environment. So stop making excuses and start a real training program.


Next Land Nav class: August 22/23.

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