Student Review: Idaho Combat Team Tactics: MikeH

AAR  Combat Team Tactics  Idaho May 13th-14th(alumni 2 Day):

Attended my first “mobile” MVT class outside of West Virginia. It was a long haul from home (1500 miles) but the trip was well worth it. There was an issue getting my vehicle into the training area and the hosts were great in getting me set up off site and in transport into the area.

Different terrain than WV but none the less physically challenging. I completely the 8 week “prepare for MVT class” plan with a sore shoulder at completion but running thru the two days was exhausting for myself. Ground was soft and lots of concealed rocks (or at least I kept finding them). I turned 56 a couple of weeks ago and sadly I have to slow the training( PT)  down and also reduce the load I carry.

I see some of the comments on WRSA related to the video Max posted. The fact no one was prone was a big discussion point there. When I first arrived Saturday morning I decided that I wouldn’t go prone…thought at first glance the grass was too long to see anyway.  Also wanted to conserve energy throughout the weekend. I shed some layers on Sunday afternoon and on the last assault cut down my load out for the final assault.

Round count was approx. 720 for two days. First day had some afternoon jams due to improper cycle. Gas rings were shot and I didn’t have any spares. I inserted an Anderson BCG my wife bought a couple of years ago and used the rifle without jams all day Sunday. One of the other students had a major bolt issue and I lent him my spare rifle. He reported that it ran fine.  Rifles- Rock River LAR15 primary, APF Econo Carbine backup.

I shot a mixed bag of training ammo.  I had PMC bronze, Perfecta .223, some Winchester 55g training stuff, and some IMI .223….no problem. Used a variety of mags also without issue.

Max had the drills we ran through fresh and challenging. Ran the final squad assault twice (first time I had done that) in both suppression and assault modes.

Lecture, Rehearsal, and the actual drill; Max has always followed this process in the classes I have attended. Also a “debrief” follows each drill. Safety is paramount in MVT classes as always and the ranges were safe.

In summary , great weekend of training and I met a great group of people. If you haven’t been to a MVT class   ….sign up. Well worth the trip.  Look forward to my next class.

Tip of the cap to Max….a true “Road Warrior”. Max, Safe trip home…that’s quite a haul!

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