Student Review: HEAT 1 Combat Tactics October: Kyle

If you’re reading this, it’s because you’re considering training at Max Velocity Tactical (MVT). Let me reassure you that you won’t find higher quality training anywhere else nor any classes more worth your time and money. If you’re looking for training in small team tactics, stripped away of the tacticool nonsense and flat-range theatrics peddled by some of the big names you’ve heard of, this is it.

I just recently completed the HEAT 1 class which is designed, in the first 2 days on the flat range, to provide students with a thorough understanding of weapons manipulation, safety procedures, malfunction clearance, fundamental marksmanship skills, shooting positions, and use of cover in order to build up to a basic competency in the pillars of small unit tactics – shooting, moving, and communicating – which are practiced on the live-fire tactical ranges on days 3 and 4. The brilliance of the curriculum of this class is that it is comprehensive enough that a brand new shooter can keep up and build proficiency while the profound knowledge and refined skill born of the many years of field experience that Max and Scott bring to the training space ensures that even an experienced shooter will find themselves drinking from the proverbial firehose.

What I believe allows them to simultaneously reach students at every level across the spectrum of experience and proficiency is a focus on mastering the basics and always understanding the “why” that underlies each technique or tactic. Meaning that knowing both the advantages and disadvantages of a given technique and accurately analyzing the context and conditions of a proposed situation, will indicate the best course of action or method for addressing the challenge that one is confronted with. There was no dogmatism or absolutes peddled as “the one true way” which I found quite refreshing.

Beyond being impressed by the well-thought-out curriculum and quality of the training aids – such as the live-fire pop-up targets – I was struck by a few things. Firstly, was the way in which safety permeated every aspect of the training. Bringing together a group of strangers and, over the course of just a few days, allowing them to fire and maneuver together safely over real terrain requires constant vigilance and the ability to instill a mindset of safe weapons handling and situational awareness with every step. Max and Scott absolutely excelled on this front and the demands this type of training places on them, in terms of maintaining safety, is probably why you cannot find this sort of training elsewhere.

Secondly, one of the aspects of my experience training at MVT that I thought has superb was the thoroughness and brutal honesty that Max and Scott brought to their critiques and AARs following each iteration of each drill. Neither of these guys minced words or were shy about telling you when you screwed the pooch but did so with an air of encouragement and a palpable investment in the progression and growth of each student.

I could go on for days about how outstanding my experience was training at MVT. Suffice to say that I thought the training was worth every penny and more and that I’ll be returning in the future. If you’ve been on the fence about attending a class, you’ve been wasting time. Get out there and train, you won’t be sorry!

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