Student Review: HEAT 1 by Rob

To start, I am a 23 year old who just started a career in the Fire Service. One could also say I am also just getting started in my Training/Preparedness career. To say the least I have become very passionate about being a protector, and in this day’s current societal climate it seems the need for those skills are paramount. Up until this class I had been around firearms my whole life. Hunting with my father, some minimal one on one tips and tricks, and self research and practice were the extent of my “training”.

I found out about Max and what he was doing through Instagram. After browsing the page and finding myself in a deep dive of memes, I decided to visit the website as well. There I found detailed descriptions of classes that would teach me some of the skills I felt I needed. After more exploration, I found something else. An Opportunity. 

While I do not so much believe in luck, this opportunity more or less fell in my lap. It became clear Max had the foresight to recognize that while a good majority of people my age do not have the best reputation when it comes to fighting to uphold natural rights, there are some that still believe in that responsibility. Enter the Boomer to Zoomer Scholarship program. 
As I said, the scholarship is an opportunity, specifically for those who may not be able to afford training. It essentially entails submitting an application to take one of Max’s classes for free, provided you follow the guidelines put forth in the process and are accepted. The process is nothing to be afraid of, pretty standard application if you ask me (The specific info is found on the blog.). I submitted mine and was notified of my acceptance promptly. I chose to take HEAT 1 as I felt it would be the most I could get out of an entry level class. 

It would suffice to say my excitement for the class grew exponentially by the time it finally came around. While I was late the first day due to work, my nervousness faded not long after I arrived. Max and the 1st Sgt. went through a quick safety brief with me and I was told to take a spot on the firing line. After the first strings of fire, with me casually forgetting the mechanical offset of my rifle/optic, I decided to calm down and focus as much as I could.

Days 1 & 2 consisted of time on the Flat Range, learning how to run your rifle efficiently, and then basically learning how to run Yourself in a team scenario. Days 3 & 4 took us out to the Tactical Ranges, and this is where it all comes together. Without going into too much detail the class learned the nuances of working in Buddy Pairs vs. a larger FireTeam. As well as the different basic ways to deal with an Enemy contact. 

All information through the class was conveyed in ways that were easily understandable and repeatable. The instructors know how to communicate effectively; Keeping to the lighter side when able, but knowing when to drop the serious tone that does not invite repeated offenses. I especially appreciated the patience that can only come from years of experience instructing. 

To close, the 4 days I spent with MVT were exceedingly valuable and an experience I hope to recreate. The instructors are extremely knowledgeable and personable which fosters an effective learning environment. The classmates I had the privilege of meeting were of the same protector’s mindset, I can confidently say I would be relieved to see anyone in that group in a real-world scenario. Finally, like I said, this opportunity was something I am extremely grateful to MVT for providing me. I cannot think of a better way to start the lifelong pursuit of bettering myself in this field. 

Stay safe out there Gents,