Student Review: Combat Team Tactics December 2015: MikeH


AAR December 11th thru 13th  Combat Team Tactics

 This was my third time at MVT. I had previously attended the old CRCD two day class in 2014 along with Combat Patrol class in May. The old class didn’t have the first square range day and for me that was one of the attractions of attending.

Day one we zeroed our rifles after a safety briefing.  Muzzle control was covered. We moved through reloads and stoppages with both class discussion and then practical range work.  Stoppages were “installed” on our individual rifles and we had to get them back into the fight under stress. Introduction to RTR and facing movements were next. Lots of instruction followed by trigger time. We policed up brass and called it a day. I’ll say for me the instruction received by Max and 1st Sgt on day 1 was well worth the trip.

Day two was similar to what I remember from my first class. Whiteboard instruction followed by rehearsal then live fire. Recalling 1st Sgt’s tip to “slow it down” and concentrating on muzzle control (head/body/weapon) we began to move thru each drill.  Began working with battle buddies doing break contact drills. I was under the weather that day so headed back to the Koolwink after class missing the traditional Saturday night meal in town.

Day three began with a solo jungle walk putting together what was taught so far. During this time 1st Sgt. conducted an excellent IFAK class with some practical work. More instruction whiteboard/rehearsal/live drills followed. The day finished up with the squad assault which had the added feature of a machine gun. We had to bust around the ridge further than my first visit to MVT but it was worth it.

It was an excellent weekend of training. I do use the MVT fitness plans which helps big time with your fitness levels. I’m not a speed merchant (actually quite slow) but I was able to push thru all three days. PT is important especially if you are a flatlander as myself. Good solid PT will allow you to complete all the drills plus police up magazines left on the hill. You never can have too much PT so I’ll be looking forward to the maintenance plans Hunter was speaking of.

In summary, for me the addition of the first day on the square range was the key to the weekend. I really had no understanding of weapon manipulation. Now I have some drills to work thru. I have training scars to work out also. A comment the first time I attended was that a person needed to repeat MVT classes as much as they can. And it’s true.  Thanks to Max and 1st Sgt. for an excellent weekend of training.

Mike H