Student Review: Combat Rifle 25/26 Oct: Cat

CR Oct 14 1 - Cat

This course (Combat Rifle)  is the first rifle course I have taken. Before the class began, I wasn’t sure what to expect. All the knowledge that I had about my rifle was what my Husband had taught me, and all the experience I had handling it was at a friends make-shift range.

I joined the class because I wanted to lean more about my weapon, and how to operate it safely. What I didn’t know, was that I was going to get so much more from this two day class. We started off with marksmanship, working on zeroing in our rifles. After we all felt comfortable with that, we moved on to malfunctions.  Once we had learned all the different kinds of malfunctions that can occur, we started an exercise to practice what we had just learned. Our instructor (Aaron) split the class into two groups, my group waited at the bottom of the hill, while the other group set up malfunctions in their weapons. When Aaron gave the word, we booked it up the hill as fast as possible, ran to our rifle, and tried to get a shot down range. This part of the class really got me excited, and got my blood moving. Trying to clear a malfunction under stress was both exciting, and nerve racking. By the time the drill was done, I felt confident that I knew what to do if I had to clear a malfunction for real.
 A few things that I really liked about the class, was that there was plenty of time to ask questions, and Aaron made sure that everyone was comfortable with the drills before we did them.
 I want to encourage other women who might be thinking about taking a Max Velocity Tactical course to just do it! This is such a great opportunity to learn some very valuable skills and practice them in a safe environment with instructors that have extensive knowledge and care about you .
 In conclusion, taking Max Velocity Tactical courses is helping me see how important it is to learn how to protect my family, and my freedom. I can’t wait for C2G 2015!!
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CR Oct 14 1