Student Review: Combat 2 Gun (C2G) 6-8 Feb 2015: Matt G

Aaron ran the first Combat 2 Gun (C2G) class this past weekend. Training numbers have been slow this February due to concerns over the weather, but we had 6 students and the weather was a little cold but good overall. The students also helped me beta test the shoot and 2-Miler standards for the MVT Rifleman Challenge HEREUpdates / Finesse to the MVT Rifleman Challenge: 2-Miler & Shooting. Thank you!

C2G Feb 15


Student Review: Combat 2 Gun (C2G) 6-8 Feb 2015: Matt G:

Going into this weekend I didn’t know what to expect, as I was told that this was the first one of these classes that they had done.  Let’s start with the info packet I got ahead of the class.  The packet came with directions to the site and a list of required equipment both for training and safety.  The directions were very precise and as a result I found the place with no trouble and never got lost.  Required equipment was simple and not complicated.

Our instructor, Aaron, really knew his stuff, and I know I learned a lot from him.  He wasn’t arrogant about his abilities, but very professional and knew exactly when to yell and when not to.  I would have no problems taking another class from him.

Safety was never a concern.  Safety was taken very seriously by Max and the cadre but not so seriously that it hindered or restricted training.  There was never a time when I felt unsafe or in danger.

One of the best parts about this class was the way that Aaron and Max didn’t foster an environment of competition between the student and instead showed the value of learning to work together as a team.  Never was any one student elevated above another.  The team was what was important.

The training material was practical and free of any unnecessary movements or steps.  It focused more on real world scenarios versus rudimentary (what I call) “shooting range techniques” .  It gave me the confidence that with training and practice my reactions would better fit certain situations.  Also, while the training is geared towards the AR15 platform Aaron was very good at adapting to other platforms like my AK47, and the Israeli Tavor brought by another student.  This made it so that my training was no different than the rest of the class’s.

All in all this class was well worth the money.  It was an extremely great value and I look forward to taking more classes with MVT in the future.  Max and Aaron were great guys and were actively involved in the training process.  I loved everything about this weekend.  I would whole heartedly recommend MVT to anyone seeking to further their skills beyond the standard shooting range.  I would give MVT 5 out of 5 stars hands down.

Matt G

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