Student Review: 2022 Private Class – Stretch

2022 Private Class

Organizer/Student Review left by:  Stretch

The Preliminary Process:

Select team members approached Max about a Private Class with our team of motivated, serious-minded students.  We hashed out dates, private location and outlined the needs of our team for a customized four-day curriculum.  

Max consulted with us and asked us useful questions to fully understand our needs, skillset, mindset and the terrain/topography on which we would train.  He did an exceptional job of listening to the specific needs of our team and the key objectives we wanted to accomplish in four days. Through collaborating with Max upfront, it was undoubtedly clear he could capably partner with us to achieve our objectives. We agreed upon a final customized curriculum, date and location.

The Private Training Class:

Max is an exceptional professional and gifted in his area of subject matter expertise.  He brings an intensity, passion and level of professionalism that captivated and fully engaged our team.  The depth and breadth of his knowledge and experience made him uniquely positioned to deliver exponential value to our learning environment.  During the training, Max did a fantastic job of adapting to our requests and needs.  Max also demonstrated flexibility and versatility in modifying his curriculum to achieve our unique team learning objectives.

Simply put, Max is an outstanding instructor.  Our team highly respects his professionalism, experience and rhythm of his teaching style.  The safety element in the learning environment is unparalleled.  Students learn in different ways, and Max integrates all those ways into his delivery and teaching methods.  Consistent, widespread feedback from the team was that Max is genuine – he authentically cares about helping people develop capabilities in skillset and mindset to survive and thrive.  Likewise, our team loved the repetition in drills and skills.  We worked on “Brilliance in the Basics.”  We learned from our mistakes during the After-Action Reviews and the importance of failing fast to learn fast as a strategic advantage for our team.  Importantly, our team highly valued the way Max integrated his personal, real-life experiences with his teaching style.  This contributed further to Max’s existing high-level credibility.

The Training Results/Impact:

There are no words to fully describe the positive impact this Private Class with Max had on our team.  This experience with Max exceeded our expectations.  The words “phenomenal” and “incredible value” came up consistently in our final debrief.  Everyone on our team seeks continued training with MVT.  This is not about being a “cool guy”; rather, it’s about staying alive and protecting family and those you care about.

Our team looks forward to continuing our valued partnership with Max and MVT as we develop and forge a resilient skillset and mindset in the midst of our ever-changing world. 

Max at a mobile class.