ShotStop GT (Green Tip) Special Threat Plates: News

The GT Plate is being replaced by the GT2!

Exciting news for the ShotStop GT (“Green Tip”) Special Threat plates: We are replacing the GT plate in the most popular size plates – 10 x 12 SAPI and Shooter cuts, due to the GT plate being replaced by the GT2.

The GT2 will be lighter and better for the same price.

If you order now, you will receive the GT2. All pre-orders for the Duritium® GT2 model are first come first serve.  ShotStop advises that the production run is scheduled to be shipping end of July.

Below is a previous post on the ShotStop GT plates. This is when they weighed 4.6 LB for the 10 x 12 SAPI cut. The GT2 plate will be down in the 3 lb region. Amazing.

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The ShotStop Green Tip (GT) plates weigh 4.6 lb for a standard 10 x 12 cut. They will stop everything up to Green Tip M855 (including M193). The difference between them and the ShotStop Level IV HS, is the IV will stop the M2 AP.

The plates are made out of a combination of a metal alloy strike face and a Duritium backer. They are not at risk of cracking like ceramic, nor are they damaged by heat in a vehicle. The M855 Green Tip round is extremely common and bought in bulk. As is the M193. The M855 is kryptonite to most level III plates that are not rated for it. Similarly, many steel plates will not stop M855, or worse, M193 is kryptonite to the steel. Probably if your dyneema plate floats, it’s not rated!

It’s nuts to wear body armor that will not stop the most common rounds out there.

There are other ‘Green Tip’ plates out there. I have had some. One huge difference is the width. The ShotStop GT plates are only 0.5″ thick. Compared to other plates at around 1″, this makes a huge difference to comfort and conceal-ability. They simply sit snugger to your body, and feel like they weigh less.

I have a set in my standard overt plate carrier. I also wore them in a Low Visibility Plate Carrier (LVOP) under my jacket to the recent 2A Rally in Richmond. No printing. A very snug fit to the body.

ShotStop just did something amazing: they cut the weight of the Level IV HS plate down to 5.3 lb. Width from 1.1″ to 0.9″. This is the plate that will stop everything, including the M2 AP round. You have to make a decision for yourself: 4.6 lb and 0.5″ thick for the GT plate. Or 5.3 lb and 0.9″ thick for the level 4, which stops the M2 AP. Sounds like a personal risk assessment! I know I’m sticking with my GT plates!

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