Safety/Enemy Volunteers for mid-week classes


I have some classes coming up that will be running mid-week, such as the combined CRCD/Patrol Class. Many of my usual volunteer suspects work for a living, so I am putting a shout out for anyone that may be able to help out. The crocodile closest to the boat is the April 5-9 Combined Class.

I am looking for people to help out with safety and live enemy. Before you become alarmed, the live enemy is for the recce patrol portion, so you won’t have to bring body armor and helmet and crouch in a ditch while students shoot live rounds at you  – unless you want to volunteer? ;-)

JC Dodge and Skittles helped me out on the last patrol class. It’s not so much an AI role, although having JC there for that class really helped bring that additional value to it. I prefer former students, rather than unknowns, and I will trade you this help towards future classes. If you have a suitable military/range safety background and have yet to come on a CRCD class, then you can potentially help, and we can barter toward the cost of your future class.

Note: if you are a usual suspect, and you can be available for all or part of the classes, such as at the weekend portions, let me know

Safety role: under my supervision, you will be asked to ensure that students shift fire to the correct shift fire targets on my command. This is important for the hasty attack and raid portions of the CRCD/Patrol Classes. You will also help with ensuring correct safety angles are adhered to on some of the other exercises.

Enemy role: Sitting out at the objective locations, usually around a small campfire, to allow the students to conduct a recce patrol with live enemy. This happens on the final night of the Combat Patrol class, and should be complete by midnight. You can bring ‘smores if you like….

I prefer to use the same couple of people for both safety and enemy roles.

Please email me if interested and within a reasonable commuting distance:

Live Hard.

Die Free.