Roll Call for the Combat Leader Course 6-13 October

Squad Assaulting the CQB Huts at CLC.

We are now three months out from the annual Combat Leader Course (CLC). It’s hard for me to describe just how beneficial this class is. Bottom line, it is 7 full days of simulated combat operations, two missions day, with a full squad of 13 students against a force of volunteer OPFOR.

You will get your turn as a squad leader to plan, brief and rehearse your mission before going out and running it against the OPFOR. Let the chips fall where they may! There are many excellent lessons to learn from this class. Many of those lessons are learned in the after action debrief, which is one of the great advantages of Force on Force training – we can give you the freedom and then we can learn from the resulting mission, right and wrong.

OPFOR Position Clear!

There are no prereqs for the class. The reason for this is that live fire safety is not an issue. Of course I think you will do better if you have completed HEAT 1 and 2; however, it means you can show up with whatever your tactical experience is, and you will learn the TTPs as part of the squad through rehearsals and missions. The less experienced students are usually placed towards the end of the roster as squad leader to give them some time to assimilate.

The class is now AirSim for Force on Force. We have had huge success going to AirSim from UTM and it has proved to be a far better training aid for simulating combat, particularly in the open woods. AirSim has better range than UTM, has a huge cost benefit to the $1 per round of UTM, and you can see the rounds fly, which allows you a chance to actually suppress a position, whereas students had no idea where UTM was going, which could result in failed assaults simply because they were unable to suppress positions.


This class has been described to me by attendees as hugely beneficial to a professional career due to the lessons learned in teamwork, leadership, communication, planning, and making decisions under pressure of simulated combat.

Squad preparing to leave on mission.

I am asking for a statement of intent from those of you who will be attending the class (not necessary to actually buy a ticket at this time). We have several people already booked. The class runs with 13 students and 4-6 OPFOR. It’s always been a bit nerve-wracking knowing if we are going to have the numbers or not, and every year so far we have, and have run a great class, whcih gets better every time. I’ll sleep easier if I can have some commitments from people at this time.

If you are looking for a ‘CLC Lite’ class, we do have the 2 day ‘HEAT 3 Squad Tactics: Force on Force‘ coming up on July 20-21. This again is a no-prereq, AirSim Force on Force class.

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